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US MILITARY FIELD GEAR OF THE KOREAN WAR The Korean war is also known as the forgotten war. The fighting during this conflict was very fierce. Much of the equipment used was very similar to the one employed during WWII. The Korean War was a war that started between North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, DPRK) and South Korea (Republic of Korea, ROK) on 25 June 1950 and paused with an armistice signed 27 July, 1953. To date, the war has not been officially ended through treaty, and occasional skirmishes have been reported in the border region.

This page provides a comprehensive look at the field gear employed during the period. The information presented here will enhance the ability of the military collector to identify collectibles from the period. The present worth of each collectible is also discussed.

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A large amount of WWII combat field gear was re-used by the United States military forces during the Korean war. However, new gear was also produced for this conflict. Some of it being a brand new design that only saw action during this period.

US CIVIL DEFENSE GEIGER COUNTER - Issued to US civil defense forces during the cold war. Used "D" batteries to operate.

US M1 CARBINE AMMO POUCH - Of canvis construction. US Stamped with black ink. A center snap secures the main flap in the closed position.

US ARMY FIELD COOKING POTS - This is a set of aluminum construction. Consisting of two pots that fit inside of each other.

US ARMY TOP BACK PACK - Of canvis construction. This is the upper section of a two part backpack. Complete with a flap with two securing straps.

US ARMY MOUNTAIN TROOPS BOOTS - Double buckle construction. Known as the Mickey mouse boots due to their shape. White color is ideal for use in snow,

US ARMY WATER CARRYING BACKPACK - This is a large canvis pack with a rubber bladder. A plastic cap closes the container. Two straps allow the container to be carried as a backpack.

US ARMY MEDICAL BAG - Square pack with a rubber coating. The medical cadeuce is found in the front with the letters "US" applied to each side.

US NAVY WOOL BLANKET - This was the standard blanket issued to all Navy military personnel. Gray color with black stripe.

US NAVY RESPIRATOR - Complete with the wooden box and all instruction. This is a WWII gas mask outfitted with air tanks. Used in firefighting in enclosed areas such as submarines.

US ARMY MOUNTAIN TROOPS SKI SET - All wooden construction. Painted white for camouflage purposes. US and date is stamped on top of wood.

US NAVY FLASHLIGHT - black plastic body. Single switch found on side.

US NAVY SURVIVAL WATER CAN BOX - Cardboard box with multiple compartments which hold tin cans full of drinking water. Painted gray. Marked with black stamps.

US ARMY MAP CASE - Of black canvis construction. The inside has a clear plastic pocket which protects the map against the elements but allows the soldier to see it.

US AIR FORCE PILOT HELMET CLOTH BAG - Cotton blend construction. Two nylon straps form a handle. Padded bottom.

US ARMY WOOL BLANKET - This is the standard blanket issued to American troops. Very similar design remains in use today.

US ARMY UTILITY BELT - black color. Heavy duty canvis construction. Metal buckles on each end engage to secure the belt in place. A series of gromets are found along the side.

US ARMY OFFICER'S CARLISLE POUCH - This is the brown leather pouch. Complete with a metal snap. Issued to officers. The metal first aid tin is included.

US CIVIL DEFENSE GEIGER COUNTER SET - This is a complete set in the issue box. Includes all the manuals and the detection pencils.

US CASUALTY BAG - This is a heavily lined bag with a large aluminum zipper. Includes the cover for the head.

US ARMY PARATROOPER PARACHUTE - This is the complete setup. It has the static cord, the entire parachute, the heavy duty leather belt.

US ARMY AMMUNITION BAG - Of canvis construction. Rectangular shape. Front flap has a single closure strap and shoulder strap.

US ARMY OFFICER LEATHER FIRST AID POUCH - Black leather construction. Rear metal hooks. Issued to officers. Front flap closes with snap.

US AIR FORCE RESCUE BEACON LIGHT - Issued to pilots. The beacon was activated when ejecting over water. Metal gray body.

US ARMY FIELD SUITCASE - Of black canvis construction. Two heavy duty aluminum zippers. Handle on top. Issued to troops in the field.

US ARMY BARRACK BAG - This is the bag that was given to recruits to carry their personal items. Of canvis construction. Nicely marked.


This section of the website covers the various types of headgear employed by the United States armed forces during the Korean War. Some of the designs were left over from the previous conflict, like the M-1 helmet. Other items were designed exclusively for this war.

US ARMY MEDAL GROUPING - This is a medal set which includes an Air medal, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Korean war medals.

US ARMY OFFICER HAT EAGLE - This is a US Army hat eagle. As issued to officers. Two piece construction. Nicely marked.


This section of the website covers the various types of headgear employed by the United States armed forces during the Korean War. Some of the designs were left over from the previous conflict, like the M-1 helmet. Other items were designed exclusively for this war.

US ARMY CBI THEATRE MADE CAP - This is a very interesting theater made baseball cap. It shows the Chinese flag on one side. The name of the soldier is embroidered in back. US army and pilot wings embroidered in front.

1950 US ARMY OVERSEAS HAT - This is a wool construction hat. Dated 1950. Retains the original tag. White piping.

1947 US ARMY DRESS HAT - Of wool construction. Brown leather chin strap and visor. The original tag is sewn inside. The hat is dated 1947. No insignia in the front.

US ARMY WOOL JEEP CAP - All wool green cap. The visor is enforces with a cardboard like material. Commonly known as the Jeep cap.

US AIR FORCE FIELD CAP - This is a high top hat. The upper section is flat. Large visor. No markings are found. Two metal eyelets are placed on each side. similar to the gat used by Fidel Castro during the Cuban revolution.

US ARMY WINTER FIELD CAP - This is a cap with a large visor. Extra material is placed on the sides which are used to protect the ears and neck against the weather. Olive drab color.

US AIR FORCE FIELD CAP - manufactured of a shiny sateen like material. Colored with a shade of green. This hat was used for a short time by the air force.


- of cotton construction with a fur-like liner known as pyle. Extra flaps are placed to each side for the purpose of protecting the ears. The flaps are tied at the top.

- This is one of the early jet fighter pilot helmets employed by the US Air Force. Of fiberglass construction. Complete with a retractable visor.

US ARMY M-1 HELMET LINER - This is an Anti-Aircraft unit M-1 helmet liner. Complete with two decals. The suspension is present.


Advances in technology allowed the creation of new and better electronic equipment for the military forces of the United States. As with other items, some of the radio equipment was a re-issued from World War Two. The quality and simplicity of the design bear testimony to the fact that much of the communications gear remains fully functional even today. This is one of the factors that makes field phones and related equipment an exciting collectible.

US ARMY FIELD PHONE TA/312-P - Complete with the canvis cover. The handset is secured via a locking mechanism.

US ARMY WALKIE TALKIE - Also known as the banana radio due to its shape. Originally developed during WWII but not used at the time.

US ARMY R24 VEHICLE MOUNTED RADIO - This is a vehicle mounted radio. Complete with sliding brackets in the bottom. A large dial is found in the front.

US ARMY R390A RADIO - This is a vehicle mounted radio. Used clear to the 1980's. Multiple knobs and switches.


The weapons and ordinance employed by Unites States armed forces during the Korean conflict were very similar in design to those employed during World War Two. After the war stopped, the weapons were deactivated by cutting them in spcific places and rendering them un-usable. Items like these are now collectibles and museum pieces.

US ARMY BAZOOKA - Of aluminum construction. The weapon hinges at the center to make it easier to carry.

1957 SD-1 EXPERIMENTAL SPY DRONE - Manufactured by the Northrop company. Complete with the engine, remote control and manuals.

US ARMY 60 MM MORTAR SHELLS - This is a set of mortar shells that have been attached to an "L" shape wooden structure which acts as book ends.

1953 US ARMY 90 MM ARTILLERY SHELL - This is an artillery shell that was used by the US army. Stampings are found at the base.

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