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The Hitler Youth was a paramilitary organization created during Nazi Germany as a means to recruit and train the future soldiers for the Third Reich. This section of the website provides a pictorial record of some of the items employed by the organization.

Hitler-Jugend, abbreviated HJ, existed from 1922 to 1945. The HJ was the second oldest paramilitary Nazi group, founded one year after its adult counterpart, the Sturmabteilung (the SA). if you want to lear more about German organizations you may visit our Third Reich Organizations Guide

The information provided here includes the value of Hitler Youth collectibles. The worth of the items is discussed over a period of several years.

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HITLER YOUTH CERAMIC MEMBERSHIP EMBLEM - This is a membership pin. Of ceramic construction with an enamel finish. Oval shape with an HJ diamond in the center.

HITLER YOUTH METAL MEMBERSHIP EMBLEM - Of metal construction. In the shape of a triangle. The red section shows a granulated pattern. Pin-back construction.

WWII HITLER YOUTH MEMBERSHIP PATCHES - This is the cloth version of the membership insignia. Bevo type construction with a paper RZM tag glued to the back.

WWII HITLER YOUTH TRUMPET FLAG - The Hitler Youth made use of trumpets and other musical instruments at various events. The trumpets had flags attached to the main body.

WWII HITLER YOUTH BELT BUCKLE - Of metal construction. Field gray finish. The front shows a Hitler Youth eagle clutching a swastika.

WWII HITLER YOUTH BELT BUCKLE - Of metal construction with a chromed finish. This belt buckle was used during events that require the dress uniform.

WWII HITLER YOUTH BELT AND BELT BUCKLE - Field type issue. Complete with a black leather belt. The buckle shows the HJ eagle surrounded by double circles. RZM M4/22.

WWII GERMAN HITLER YOUTH DJ PIN - This is a shooting award. Of metal construction. Circular shape with two crossed rifles. Letters D and J to each side of rifles.

WWII GERMAN HITLER YOUTH LEAGUE PIN - Of metal construction. Consisting of a triangle with an HJ triangle placed at the center and facing a different direction.

WWII GERMAN HITLER YOUTH CONTRIBUTION PIN - Of plastic construction. The pin is in the shape of a trumpet with a flag hanging from the main body.

WWII GERMAN HITLER YOUTH 1936 FESTIVAL PIN - Of stamped metal construction. The pin was issued to individuals who attended the 1936 festivities. Pin-back construction but the pin is missing.

WWII GERMAN HITLER YOUTH TRADE COMPETITION PIN - This award was given to Hitler Youth members who participated in the National Trade competition. This event encouraged the youth to become proficient at a trade.

WWII GERMAN HITLER YOUTH ROMMEL BANNER - This is a hand made banner shownig a nicely stitched tank with the name Rommel just behind it. The other side has a white runne over black.

WWII GERMAN HITLER YOUTH WIELAND BANNER - Of cotton construction. Two pieces sewn together. The back of the banner is black and has a single white runne.

WWII GERMAN HITLER YOUTH SCHLAGETER BANNER - Two piece construction with a white semicircle and a black cross on top. The name SCHLAGETER is stitched in yellow thread.

WWII GERMAN HITLER YOUTH BANNER - This is a hand made banner with the figure of a shoe and the name Florian Beier on one side and a single runne over black on the other side.

WWII GERMAN HITLER YOUTH ANDREAS HOFER BANNER - This is two sided hand made banner. One side shows an illustration of Andreas Hofer. The other shows a single white runne on black.

WWII GERMAN HITLER YOUTH JUGENDFEST SPORTS AWARD PIN - This is a pin that was issued to individuals who excelled in sport competitions. The award could be worn by the person throughout the entire year.

WWII GERMAN HITLER YOUTH SKI PIN - The Hitler youth was heavily involved in exercise and physical activities. The badge featured here is one that was given for participating in ski activities.

WWII GERMAN HITLER YOUTH ARM BAND - Of cotton construction with a white line placed in the center. A white diamond is placed in the middle with a black swastika found there too.

WWII GERMAN HITLER YOUTH KNIFE - This is a transitional knife with an RZM M7/9 and the SMF logo from Solingen. The knife is dated 1937. Complete with the scabbard.

WWII GERMAN HITLER YOUTH KNIFE - This is another example of a transitional knife. Double marked with RZM M7/66 and the Eickhorn logo. The knife is dated 1939. Complete with scabbard.

WWII GERMAN HITLER YOUTH KNIFE - Manufactured by Ed Wusthof from Solingen. The logo of a Trident is present inside a circle. The markings Ges Gesch are found below the logo.

WWII GERMAN HITLER YOUTH KNIFE - This is a 1941 Hitler Youth knife. RZM 7/45 marked. Complete with the scabbard and leather hanging strap.

HITLER YOUTH SHOOTING AWARD - Of metal construction. The design consists of a black circle with crossed rifles in the front. An HJ diamond is placed in front of the rifles.

HITLER YOUTH PROFICIENCY AWARD - Of metal construction. Bronze color. The award is in the shape of an arrow with a circle in the center. Pin-back construction.

HITLER YOUTH BROWN SHIRT - This is the standard uniform of the Hitler Youth. Long sleeve design. HJ armband and leather shoulder strap with belt and buckle.

WWII HITLER YOUTH HAT - Of cotton construction with a black leather visor. The chin strap is also made of leather and is brown in color. HJ membership diamond placed in the center.

WWII GERMAN HITLER YOUTH MEMBERSHIP PIN - This is a Hitler Youth membership pin. Painted type.

WWII GERMAN HITLER YOUTH HELMET PIN - Towards the end of the war Hitler Youth members were sent to the front to fight. This is one of the helmets issued to them.

WWII GERMAN HITLER YOUTH BDM PIN - Of metal construction. large BDM letters placed in the center. Pin-back construction.

WWII GERMAN HITLER YOUTH MINIATURE PROFICIENCY AWARD - Of metal construction. RZM marked. Pin-back construction.

WWII GERMAN HITLER YOUTH MORTAR CONTRIBUTION - This is a contribution pin in the shape of a mortar shell. Of metal construction. The back has a pin attached. The body is marked H5.

WWII GERMAN HITLER YOUTH CONTRIBUTION - This pin is in the shape of a mortar shell. It shows the tail fins and ribs in the mid body. The back has a pin and shows no markings.

WWII GERMAN HITLER YOUTH CONTRIBUTION - Of metal construction. The body is solid and in the shape of a stick grenade. These type of tinnies were given to Hitler Youth in fund raising drives.


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