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Nut al-Salam / Medal for Peace, 1970 -- Conflicts with the Kurds broke out again in the summer of 1965 and moved Iraqi-Kurdish relations closer to a state of war, and cross-border attacks into Iran complicated what had been in essence an internal matter.

It appeared to many that the Shah of Iran was an active supporter of Kurdish rebellion against the Iraqi state. Despite active efforts at settlement, by October 1968, Iraq faced what was essentially a full-scale internal war with its Kurdish population.

The Kurds demanded autonomy and aappealed for United Nations arbitration. On 11 March 1970, a settlement was, at long last, achieved with the Kurds (thanks in large part to the personal diplomatic interventions of Saddam Hussein) and a formal peace agreement and system for shared authority and administration was concluded.

This medal was established: Law No. 3 of 1971.

Manufactured by Hugenin (Le Loche, Switzerland).

Three versions were available: Gold, Silver and Bronze. The Bronze version is featured here.

From the Lorenzo Luna collection


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