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SAMURAI WARRIOR ARMOR - MODERN REPLICA - The Japanese place great importance to the tradition of the Samurai warrior. The western world has also been captivated by the strength and bravery of the Samurai. From movies to TV commercials to books, the tales of the Samurai are repeated and have carved a place in history as well as modern life.

While the Samurai sword is virtually known by the whole world, the Samurai armor - to say the clothing the Samurai wore in battle - is not so well known. Its design was complex. It involved several moving parts. It was created for function as well as beauty.

The item featured here is a recently made Samurai warrior armor. Constructed in the same traditional manner with interleaving plates woven together using silk thread. The plates used in this armor are of lighter weigth than the original.

The chest and back are separate pieces. They were tied together with silk string. In the real armor the soldier would wear a silk shirt underneath the armor. In case of getting hit by an arrow it would be easier to pull it out.

the shin area of the leg was protected by armor. The back was covered with silk. These armors are created for the purpose of ceremonies. Other uses include displays at museums and for private collections.

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