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Japanese Arisaka Bayonet -
The japanese armed forces employed the Arisaka bayonet as their standard edge weapon. The design consisted of wooden grips secured via the use of two rivets. The pommel was of metal construction and housed the release push button.

The item featured here is the standard issue Arisaka bayonet. As employed by the Imperial Japanese Army during WWII. The bayonet was used with the Arisaka rifle, which was widely distributed among the Japanese armed forces.

The bayonet featured here has a wooden handle construction and metal scabbard. One side of the handguard is curved by design. The blade is single edge. It has a blood groove that extends most of the length of the blade.

The japanese bayonets were commonly marked with the manufacturer's logo. This particular example has been marked with two stamps in the ricasso of the blade. One of the symbols consists of a series of circles grouped together. A smaller symbol resides just below it.

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The metal scabbard comes with a rectangular bracket on one side. A leather frog was attached to the scabbard and permitted it to be carried on the belt of the soldier. One of the straps from the frog passes through the opening created by the bracket. The tip of the scabbard ends in a fenial.

The scabbard has some damage to the side. A small hole has been opened due to the damage.

This is a WWII Japanese bayonet. It was used with the Arisaka rifle. which was the standard rifle issued to all Japanese armed forces during WWII.

Many WWII Japanese edge weapons are currently reproduced. It is becoming more difficult to be able to tell the fake ones from the real ones because the quality of the reproductions is improving. The collector must become familiarized with the construction style and materials employed in the manufacturing of this item. Attention to the details is critical in order to be able to determine the authenticity of the collectible.

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