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The Japanese armed forces employed a large variety of items during World War Two. Towards the end of the war, as the Japanese islands were under siege, materials in general were very scarce. The weapon manufacturers resorted to various emergency methods to keep production going. One of the things they did was to tear apart existing items in order to reuse the material. This technique prompted the destruction of many war artifacts. To compound the situation, at the end of the war many of these items were further destroyed by the occupying forces and the new Japanese government. This is one of the reasons why Japanese war souvenirs are a little harder to find than other countries involved in the war.

This section of the website provides the militaria enthusiast with information to be able to identify items and determine their worth in today's collectibles market. This information is provided free of charge by MilitaryItems.com , a company dedicated to providing military antiques and collectibles.

Vintage Japanese Samurai doll mounted on a horse. This is a beutiful doll. The Samurai has an intricatly desigend armor. Holding a bow on his hand with arrows straped to the back.

Vintage Japanese Samurai wood cuts. This is a set of three cuts depicting different scenes. One of them portrays Samurai warriors returning from combat. Some of the soldiers are injured.

Vintage Japanese Ceremonial Samurai helmet. All metal construction. Small size. This type of helmet was used for Samurai heritage celebrations.

WWII JAPANESE ARMY SAKE BOTTLE. Beautiful porcelain construction. One side shows a group of cranes in flight and diving. The other side shows military flags crossed.

WWII JAPANESE NAVY SAKE CUP. Beautiful porcelain construction. shows the naval flag with an anchor to the side.

WWII JAPANESE ARMY SAKE CUP. Of porcelain construction. shows the Army star with multiple characters above and below.

WWII JAPANESE ARMY IMPERIAL GUARD SAKE TRAY. Of black lacquer construction. shows the Army imperial guard star with multiple characters above and below.

WWII JAPANESE IMPERIAL PAPER FAN. Of paper construction. White background with a red rising sun in the center. The war prayer displayed on both sides.

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