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North Vietnam and South Vietnam had their own army before the nation of Vietnam became a single country. Each issued medals and awards to their soldiers. In general, the quality of the South Vietnamese medals was better. In large part because they were being outfitted by the US.

After the fall of Saigon, the North Vietnamese army was in charge of issuing all medals and awards. These are usually made of pop metal with high influence from the Soviet Union.

Over the years Vietnam medals have gained favor as a military collectible. Militaria enthusiasts have written books on the subject and have helped fuel the demand for these items.

This page provides a comprehensive look at the medals and awards from the Vietnam war to the present. the information given here allows the military enthusiast to identify collectibles and to determine their worth.

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The military medals and awards of the Vietcong and North Vietnamese regular army were usually of very simple design. The manufacturing was not of very high quality. This section of the site is dedicated to these type of military awards.

NORTH VIETNAMESE ARMY WOUND MEDAL - Consisting of a six pointed star painted in red. Golden decorations are found between the points. The back of the medal is plain. Complete with a multi-color ribbon.

SOUTH VIETNAM AIR FORCE NORTHERN EXPEDITIONARY MEDAL - Issued to individuals who flew missions over North Vietnam. Rouns shape medal with a wreath in the perimeter. Red and yellow ribbon.

SOUTH VIETNAMESE MINI ARMED FORCES HONOR MEDAL - issued to individuals for non-combatant achievements. The medal is silver in color and consists of a four pointed star with two crossed bars.

SOUTH VIETNAM TRAINING SERVICE MEDAL - Issued in recognition of training effort. The medal consists of a silver rectangle with a rocket shape in the center. Complete with the two color ribbon.

VIETNAM FIRST CLASS CIVIL ACTIONS MEDAL - Issued in three different classes. The front of the medal bears the image of a family holding hands. The ribbon is green with red stripes.

SOUTH VIETNAM ARMED FORCES HONOR 2nd CLASS MEDAL - Issued to NCO's and enlisted personnel for non-combat achievements. The medal is the shape of a four pointed star with two crossed bars.

NORTH VIETANAM ARMY LIBERATION WAR EXPLOIT ORDER - This is a five pointed silver star with a circle at each point. The center is red and circular with a golden star.

NORTH VIETNAM ARMY VICTORY DECORATION MEDAL - Five pointed silver star with a golden circle at the center. The image of a flying flag is found in the inside.

VIETNAM ARMED FORCES MEDAL - Consisting of a multi-color ribbon attached to a suspender that has a wreath. The medal itself is loosely in the shape of a Maltese cross. Writing is found in the center.


The military field gear employed by the Viet-cong was very rudimentary. Much of it was improvised and hand made. The North Vietnamese army had better built and more formal field gear since it was supplied by the Chinese and Russians. The equipment shown here was used during the 1960's and 1970's.

NORTH VIETNAM ARMY FIELD UTILITY BELT - Of canvis construction with multiple pairs of aluminum gromets along the length of the belt. A brass buckle and catch are placed at each tip of the belt.

NORTH VIETNAM ARMY FIELD UTILITY BELT - Of cotton construction in very similar design to the American field belt. A buckle and cut-out catch are placed at each end. They are made of aluminum.

NORTH VIETNAM ARMY METAL CANTEEN - As issued during the 1960's and 1970's. Light green painted metal body with a brown bakelite cap attached via a string. Complete with carrying harness.

NORTH VIETNAM ARMY WINTER HAT - Of cotton construction. Khaki color. A neck protection piece shows quilted construction. The front has an extra flap with a metal gromet.

1960's AMERICAN CAPTURE VIETCONG FLAG - Of cotton construction. Consisting of three pieces. One sectino is blue. One section is red. A yellow star is sewn in the center. All hand-made.

VIETNAM WAR ERA MONTAGNARD WOODEN CROSSBOW - This is one of the products that were manufactured by the Mountain people in Vietnam during the 1960's and 1970's.

NORTH VIETNAM ARMY FIELD BOWL - This bowl was part of the personal equipment that was issued to soldiers of the North Vietnamese army so the soldier could contain his/her food and eat it.

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