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When purchasing an antique or collectible a person wonders if the item will go up in value, or if the item can at least be sold for the amount it was purchased. Or if there will be no return from the money spent.

Every military antique and collectible featured on this website is rated for the likelihood of the item's value to go up or down. Remember that this is just an estimate and in no way presents a guarantee of the present and future value of the item.

Ultimatelly a person should get involved in the hobby of collecting military antiques because they enjoy it. Any other benefit derived from that is icing in the cake.

Grade A+ History has proven this item will likely go up in value.
Grade A It is believed that this item will hold its present value. It is likely to go up within the next year.
Grade B+ The intertest on these items is growing. It is possible that it will move to category A.
Grade B These items are steady in appreciation. They do not increase in value rapidly but steadily.
Grade C+ These items may go up with normal inflation.
Grade C The item is not likely to go up in value any time soon. It may or may not retain its present value. It may go down in value.

The grade of a military antique or collectible is affected by different variables. Some of those conditions follow:

The overall condition of any collectible is a key criteria in establishing the present and future value of the item.

The general assumption is that the harder an item it is to find the more valuable it becomes. This concept rings true in some arenas. However, the second half to this idea is based on the desirability of the item. The item has to be sought after in order for availability to play a key role in its value.

An item can be very rare and not be very valuable. Desirability can change from year to year based on the current line of thinking in the militaria collector community.

Sources of Information
How do we come up with the grade for military antique and collectible? We look at a number of factors. The list of them is provided here:

Sources : Internet
Sources : Trade Shows
Sources : Personal experience
sources ; Historical data

The data provided here is only an estimate. The actual values may vary for the different geographical locations in the world. The information is provided as service to the militaria enthusiasts to give a basic indicator of where the market is.

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