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MEDALS AND INSIGNIA OF DESERT STORM/IRAQI FREEDOM Most of the medals, awards and insignia employed in Desert Storm and the Iraqi freedom wars retained the same design as previous wars. A couple of new medals were introduced to be awarded to individuals who participated in the campaigns. This site provides a general overview of the medals and insignia employed.

The information found here assists the collector with the identification of military medals and insignia. A price guide is also provided to establish the current value of each military collectible.

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TWENTY YEAR SERVICE PIN - Of Sterling construction. Issued to members who served 20 years in the army. Two piece construction.

AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLER WINGS - Of metal construction. Clutch back design. Issued to military air traffic controllers. Consisting of a shield with a star on top. Oak leaves to each side.

WEATHER STATION PIN - Of metal construction. This badge was issued to members of the weather group. Consistiong of a shield with a star on top and oakleaves to each side.

US ARMY PARATROOPER WINGS - This is a set of wings that were issued to soldiers who completed paratrooper training. Consisting of a parachute with wings to each side.

US NAVY SEALS INSIGNIA - Originally established in 1942. This is a gold version of the US Navy SEALS insignia. Issued to individuals who complete SEAL training.

- Originally established on 1942. This is is a bronze version of the US Navy SEALS insignia. Issued to members of the Navy who completed SEAL training.

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