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CIVIL WAR & SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR FIELD GEAR - The military gear of the Civil war and Spanish American wars represent some of the earliest examples of the military equipment employed by the US Armed forces. This page provides the visitor with a general overview of the gear.

The American Civil War (1861–1865) was a civil war in the United States of America. Eleven Southern slave states declared their secession from the United States and formed the Confederate States of America (the Confederacy). Led by Jefferson Davis, they fought against the United States (the Union), which was supported by all the free states and the five border slave states. Union states were loosely referred to as "the North".

The Spanish–American War was a military conflict between Spain and the United States that took place between April and August 1898, over the issues of the liberation of Cuba. The war began after American demands for the resolution of the Cuban fight for independence were rejected by Spain.

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This is a compilation of the edge weapons employed during the Civil War through the Spanish American War. Items covered include Knives, bayonets and swords. Information provided allows the visitor to identify such items and to be able to determine the value of such collectibles.

US CIVIL WAR BAYONET - Manufactured by the Gebrem and Ersberg company of Solingen, Germany. The handle is of hard rubber. The scabbard is leather and missing 50% of it.

US ARMY MODEL 1898 BAYONET WITH SCABBARD - This is a bayonet with wooden handles. The scabbard has a very interesting metal swivel in the back which attaches to a large hook. This is how the bayonet was secured to a belt.

CIVIL WAR US SPIKE BAYONET - This is a spike bayonet. The throat is marked US. Complete with the scabbard. A leather frog is attached near the throat section. A "US" gold disc is affixed there.

US KRAG BAYONET - This is a bayonet for teh Krag rifle which was employed by the US Army after the civil war. Wooden handle. Complete with the scabbard.

US ARMY 1902 BAYONET - Wooden handle with two rivets securing the grips. Crossguard has a muzzle ring on one side. Complete with the metal scabbard. Blade is marked 1812.

US ARMY REMINGTON 1911 BAYONET - Of wooden handle construction. The blade is stamped with the word "Remington" inside a circle. The year 191 is placed just above. The flaming bomb logo is on the other side,

US ARMY SPIKE BAYONET - This is a spike bayonet. No markings are found on the blade. The socket mechanism is intact. Complete with a black leather scabbard with brass fittings.

US ARMY REMINGTON BAYONET - This is a blade marked Remington Arms Corporation bayonet. Complete with the leather frog.

1910 US ARMY 1903 RIFLE BAYONET - This is a long style bayonet. Complete with the Khaki color scabbard cover. Wooden grips. Leather tip.

1902 US ARMY KRAG RIFLE BAYONET - This is a long style bayonet. Complete with the swivel hook scabbard. Wooden grips. One side of the blade is stamped US while the other is 1902.


US ARMY INFANTRY SWORD MODEL 1849 - The leather cover for the handle is missing revealing the wooden base. Metal pommel is integrated with the handguard and cross guard. Complete with the scabbard.

CIVIL WAR US VETERAN SWORD - A series of veteran organizations were formed for the Civil war and Sanish American war soldiers. Members of these groups were authorized to carry swords. This is an example of one type.

CIVIL WAR US NAVY EAGLE HEAD SWORD - Beautifully constructed eagle head sword. With a white bone handle. The scabbard is made of leather and is broken. Some of the scabbard fittings remain.

AMERICAN CIVIL WAR US SHORT SWORD - The handle is of metal construction with a series of ondulations. the crossguard has circular ends on both sides. Complete with the metal scabbard.

US ARMY LEATHER SWORD HANGER - All leaher construction. Black color. The top section has a belt loop where one end is double riveted to the main body. A loop in the front allows the scabbard to pass through.

US CIVIL WAR MODEL 1862 CAVALRY SWORD - The handle is missing the leather cover revealing the wooden base. The pommel is metal and is integrated into the handguard and crossguard. The blade is marked 1862 ADR.

US CIVIL WAR VETERAN SWORD - The handle has lost its cover and shows bear wood. A clamshell with an eagle mottiff is applied to the shell. Complete with the scabbard which has two opposite suspension rings.

US NAVY OFFICER'S SWORD WITH LEATHER CARRYING CASE - Beautidully design handle with a heavily textured white handle. Gold trimings are applied to the pommel and crossguard. Black leaher scabbard with metal fittings.

1864 US SHORT ARTILLERY SWORD - Metal handle integrated with pommel and crossguard. Boasting a short and thick blade void of any markings. The crossgiard reads 1864 26 MII. Potentially unit markings.

US ARMY SHORT ARTILLERY SWORD - Brass handle fully integrated with the pommel and crossguard. Short, double edge blade is very stout. The scabbard is missing.

US ARMY MODEL 1812 SWORD - Wooden handle is missing the original leather cover. The blade is inspector proofed. Complete with the scabbard which has two suspension rings and a slanted throat.

US ARMY MODEL 1860 SWORD - Wooden handle with a concave crossguard which is divided into multiple strings. The blade is marked 1860. The scabbard is metal and has two suspension rings.

US ARMY MODEL 1812 SWORD - This is another example of a model 1812 US Army sword. Complete with the scabbard which has well separated suspension rings. The blade does not have any markings.

US ARMY MODEL 1906 SWORD - This is a US officer sword. Manufactured by the Asco corporation. The scabbrd is missing.


The field gear employed during the Civil war and Spanish American war was very interesting because it demarks some the begining of the modern US military field gear. In many cases civilian items were employed by the military forces. However, an industry was born to produce the formal gear. Materials heavily employed were wood, canvis and wood. Metal was used primarily in the form of buckles, fasteners and bolts.

UNIT MARKED US CANVIS SADDLE BAG - Of canvis construction. Khaki color. One big flap covers the main opening. A single strap with a buckle secure it shut. US and other markings are applied tp the flap with black ink.

SPANISH AMERICAN WAR US NAVY CANTEEN - Rounf body canteen with a spout on one end. Gray color indicated US Navy. Rubberized coat has been applied, Two rings secure the cloth shoulder strap.

SPANAM US ARMY CAVALRY SPURS - This is a set of metal spurs tightly covered with brown leaher. White thread is used to stitch the material together. No markings are visible.

SPANAM US BODY COOLING TABLE - This is a wooden folding table with a leather surface where designs have been created by punching holes into the material. The holes helped ventilate the body and cooled it down.

US ARMY SWORD LEATHER HANGER - This is a brown leather loop made of thich material. A metal rectangular bracket is placed on one end. A belt looped through the opening.

US ARMY SWORD LEATHER KNOT - Of brown leather construction. The knot was attached to the handle of a sword to enhance its appearance.

US ARMY TIN CUP - Round shape cup with a single handle. Made of tin. Several bends are visible. Surface rust is starting to appear.

US ARMY TIN CUP - This is another example of a tin cup. Equipment like this was taken by soldiers to the front lines. single handle on one side.

US ARMY TIN CUP - Round shape cup with a single handle. Several dents are present. The bottom is welded in place.

US ARMY CIVIL WAR SOUVENIR FLASK - This is an 1892 encampment souvenir bottle. Of metal construction with a round brass plate applied to the front. Reads "Twentysixth Grand Annual Encampment". A very attractive souvenir.

US ARMY BAR SOAP - This is a basic toiletry item that is not very valuable but it is very interesting because not many soap bars survived. The top is marked "Los Angeles Gas & Electric Corp".

US ARMY FIELD BINOCULARS - This is a set of French made binoculars. Of brass construction. The eyepieces show markings. It was common for American troops to have French optics.

US ARMY OFFICER LEATHER AMMO POUCH - This is a Brown leather .45 cal ammo pouch. Issue to officers.

US ARMY POWDER HORN - This is a late 1800's powder horn. Made from bone with metal spout.

US ARMY RIFLE MODEL 1873 - This is a US army issue rifle. Complete wiht the socket bayonet.

US SHOTGUN - This is a US made shotgun. Dating back to late 1800's or early 1900's.

US ARMY BACKPACK - Of canvas construction. Khaki color. Unit marked.

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