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CIVIL WAR & SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR FIELD GEAR - The military gear of the Civil war and Spanish American wars represent some of the earliest examples of the military equipment employed by the US Armed forces. This page provides the visitor with a general overview of the gear.

The American Civil War (1861–1865) was a civil war in the United States of America. Eleven Southern slave states declared their secession from the United States and formed the Confederate States of America (the Confederacy). Led by Jefferson Davis, they fought against the United States (the Union), which was supported by all the free states and the five border slave states. Union states were loosely referred to as "the North".

The Spanish–American War was a military conflict between Spain and the United States that took place between April and August 1898, over the issues of the liberation of Cuba. The war began after American demands for the resolution of the Cuban fight for independence were rejected by Spain.

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The military uniforms employed during the Spanish American war were more combat practical than those employed during the Civil War. The materials and design were a big improvement. The combat uniform was more durable and better suited for field duty. Wool and cotton remained the primary materials.

US ARMY BRONZE GAR BUCKLE - Of metal construction. Rectangular shape. A star is placed in the center with the letters GAR spread across the different quadrants formed at the top.

US MARYLAND NATIONAL GUARD UNIFORM - Of wool construction. Gray color. Shoulder devices with white fringes are found. Multiple metal buttons with cloth lines connecting them are present.

US SPANAM 13TH CAVALRY UNIFORM - This is a high collar tunic. Long sleeves. Wool construction with a gray cotton border following the perimeter. No buttons are visible. Metal collar insignia is found.

US SPANAM INFANTRY OFFICER BOARDS - Heavily braided shoulder boards. Gold color. A metal button is placed at the end. Each button has an eagle in the face.

SPANAM US NAVY BELT BUCKLE - This is an oval shape metal belt buckle. The border is decorated with oak leaves. The center displays an eagle atop an anchor.

SPANAM US NAVY LEGGINGS - Of cotton construction. Light color. The tops are enforced with extra material. Rivets are placed at each end.

SPANAM US NAVY SWORD BELT BUCKLE - Of metal construction. Gold color. The shape is circular. It displays an eagle atop an anchor. An oakleaf wreath surrounds the eagle.

The military medals and insignia employed in these conflicts provided the foundation for the development of future awards of the US military. The attractive designs and quality of construction makes this field very popular among militaria enthusiasts.

US ARMY 1872 HAT EAGLE - This is a large metal eagle. Gold in color. The wings are spread up and the face faces to the left. The eagle clutches arrows and a laurel.

US SPANISH AMERICAN WAR SERVICE MEDAL - With a green ribbon which has thin yellow lines on the sides. Round shape medal. Gold color. An eagle is found on one side while the other has a sword.

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