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The US Homefront Of The Vietnam War - All wars produce a wide variety of homefront items. The Vietnam war was no different. However, the divisive nature of the conflict generated a larger amount of anti-war memorabilia than usual. Some of the products developed were very much in line with those created in previous wars.

This page provides photos that cover a wide range of items employed during the Vietnam war. The information allows the military collector or enthusiast the ability to identify items and to determine their present worth in the collectibles market.

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The South East Asia conflict saw a large proliferation of combat knives. While the official issue bayonet was represented by a couple of models, soldiers were purchasing and bringing to battle a large selection of fighting knives.

US ARMY FIELD POCKET KNIFE - Silver color with a checkered design. This type of knife was issued to US Army and US Marine Corps personnel.

US AIR FORCE PILOT SURVIVAL KNIFE - Leather handle with a hexagonal metal pommel. The blade is single edge with a serrated back. The scabbard is made of brown leather and has a metal tip.

US M8A1 M-16 BAYONET - This is a bayonet with a leather handle. The scabbard is made of fiberglass and has chromed fittings.

US NAVY OFFICERS SWORD - White handle with gold wire wrapping. Same color is applied to the handguard and crossguard. The letters USN are placed in the lower crossguard.

US WESTERN W49 BOLO KNIFE - Of wooden handle construction. This is a heavy duty knife manufactured by the Western company. Knives like this one were purchased privately by the soldiers to take into combat.

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