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This section covers field gear employed to carry ammunition in the battlefield. All items covered here are manufactured of different materials such as wood, canvis, etc. Much of this gear was sold in surplus and sporting goods stores after the war. Therefore facilitating its destruction from normal wear. Alot of it was also re-issued during the Korean and Vietnam wars. The following information allows the visitor to identify and determine the value of this type of military collectible.

WWII US ARMY PAINTED TRAVEL SUITCASE - - This is a heavy duty canvis suitcase that was used by soldiers to transport their belongings. They were often decorated as the one shown here.

WWII US ARMY BACKPACK - Of green canvis construction. re-inforced sides with heavy duty canvis straps. Multiple straps with capped metal ends.

WWII US BACKPACK - Khaki color. Of canvis construction. Small combat pack. Multiple straps are employed to close the main strap and to attach the bottom pack.

WWII US NAVY PARARAFT PACK - This is a canvis bag that was used to contain an inflatable raft. The raft was parachuted down to the person who needed it. Heavy duty enforcements and metal clips.

WWII US RADIO PACK FRAME - This is a wooden frame with a canvis back which is attached via the use of cotton strings. The bottom of the frame has a small section that hinges down to support the radio.

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