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This section covers field gear employed to carry ammunition in the battlefield. All items covered here are manufactured of different materials such as wood, canvis, etc. Much of this gear was sold in surplus and sporting goods stores after the war. Therefore facilitating its destruction from normal wear. Alot of it was also re-issued during the Korean and Vietnam wars. The following information allows the visitor to identify and determine the value of this type of military collectible.

WWII US ARMY CODE BOOK - This is a book containing multiple codes used by the armed forces to communicate in the battle field.

WWII US CHINA BURMA-INDIA ID BOOK - This is a grouping for an individual assigned to the CBI theater. Grouping includes a bullion patch with a red, plastic ID book. Written in Chinese.

1944 NOTICE OF CLASSIFICATION - - This is the draft card civilians in the United States would receive to indicate their status of readiness for military service.

1944 AIRCOBRA POSTCARD - - This is a black and white postcard of a group of Air Cobra aircraft on the ground.

WWII BELL AIRCAFT POSTCARD - - This is a black and white postcard of a Bell aircraft in mid flight. The plane was used by the Army Air Force during WWII.

WWII USS NAUTILUS SUBMARINE POSTCARD - - This is a postcard from the WWII period that features the USS Nautilus submarine. Black and white photo of the sub resting on the surface.

WWII AAF COBRA AIRCAFT POSTCARD - - This is a black and white postcard that features a group of Army Air Force Cobra aircraft flying in formation.

1946 US INSTRUMENT AIRCAFT LICENSE - - This is a license issued by the Army Air Force to indicate that the pilot was rated for instrument flying. All paper construction with seal stamped in center.

WWII US MISLS UNIT HISTORY - - This is a very interesting unit history for a group of intelligence officers who helped crack the Japanese secret code. Unit history and photo album is featured.

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