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WWII CZECH LIBERATION GROUPING - Captain Richard Emeis posing on the streets of Strakonice, Czechoslovakia. 1945.

This grouping belongs to Captain Richard Emeis. Captain Emeis belonged to the 376th Infantry Regiment, 94th Infantry Division. The 376th was instrumental in the liberation of Czechoslovakia. The lot contents included several maps of Europe, three books, a bronze star with the award document, photographs and several other items. This page follows the steps of the liberation forces as they move across the European theater.

Mr. Emeis was awarded the Bronze Star. The award document is shown here:

Part of the lot contains a book titled "The history of the 376th Infantry Regiment. Inside the book there are listings of the various awards given to the members of the regiment. The image that follows was scanned from the book and shows Captain Richard Emeis (bottom left) as having received the Silver Star.

Shortly after the liberation of Czechoslovakia, the people of Strakonice published a book documenting the liberation effort by using pictures taken by american soldiers and Czechoslovakian people. Phototgraphs in possession of Captain Emeis were published in the book. These photos were of Patton attending the official liberation celebration.

The picture below illustrates the cover of the book. The publishing date is 1945. Notice the words "Fotografu Amateru" indicating that all the photographs were taken by amateurs.

These are the pictures of General Patton attending the celebrations. These and other pictures of him were published in the book. Also many pictures of American soldiers entering the town and of Russian and American soldiers shaking hands were placed in the book.

Additional information from this grouping includes:

The people of Czechoslovakia were grateful to the American liberation forces long after the war was over. Press HERE to view a letter sent by one of the citizens of Strakonice after the end of the war.
Some of the maps used during the invasion of Europe Press HERE to see the maps

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