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US Occupation Of Germany Grouping - WWI -
After Germany was defeated in WWI, American troops were part of the occupational forces. This grouping chronichles the service of a colonel during the occupation period. He was attached to the 50th Infantry Division.

The picture below shows Mr. Haddock and other soldiers on a boat crossing the Rhine river shortly after the end of the war.

President Lyndon Johnson sent the letter displayed here as a means of recognizing the long service provided by Mr. Haddock to the armed forces of the United States. The letter was sent in 1964.

Additional information about this grouping is available below.

The 50th infantry Regiment employed balloons for reconnaissance missions to see the movement of troops. To see pictures of such equipment press HERE.
While serving in Germany during Thanksgiving, the 50th Infantry Regiment held a dinner for the american forces stationed in Europe. To see items related to the dinner press HERE.


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