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WWII US MILITARY INERT WEAPONS - Every war produces a wide variety of miscellaneous items used by the armed forces. WWI was no exception. This page showcases various insignia, patches, and military accessories from the period.

The data provided here allows the militaria collector the ability to identify some of the insignia employed during World War One. Additional data discusses the pricing of these items. This forms a picture of the worth of the collectibles.

This page is brought to you as a service free of charge courtesy of MilitaryItems.com. While the items displayed here are not for sale, click HERE to view insignia available for purchase.

WWII US 20 MM SHELL - This is a 20 mm shell. It was used by aircraft and anti-aircraft guns. The body has two holes that were drilled to disable the shell.

WWII US 1939 ARTILLERY SHELL - This is a 110 inches MK 7 shell. Brass body with a lead projectile. Dated 1937 on the base. Other markings are displayed.

WWII US ARTILLERY SHELL - This is a 105 mm shell. Dated 1944. Additional markings are stamped on the bottom.

WWII US ARTILLERY SHELL - This is a 105 mm shell. Reddish colored body with a green projectile.

WWII US ARMY 60MM PRACTICE MORTAR ROUND - This is a practice round for the 60 MM Mortar which was widely used by the American troops during WWII.

WWII US AAF AIRCRAFT WING ROCKET - This is a projectile fired from an aircraft such a P-51 Mustang. The model shown here is the practice version.

WWII US ARMY RIFLE GRENADE - Of metal construction. The rifle grenade was fired from an M-1 rifle. Explosives were found on the tip. Fins in the back provide more stable travel.

WWII US ARMY PRACTICE WOODEN ROUND - All wooden body with a metal round base and metal center tip. These projectiles were used for practicing how to load the artillery cannons.

WWII US ARMY THOMPSON MACHINE GUN MODEL - All wooden rubber construction. Drum magazine. Color, shape and weight are very similar to the real machine gun.

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