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This section covers field gear employed to carry ammunition in the battlefield. All items covered here are manufactured of different materials such as wood, canvis, etc. Much of this gear was sold in surplus and sporting goods stores after the war. Therefore facilitating its destruction from normal wear. Alot of it was also re-issued during the Korean and Vietnam wars. The following information allows the visitor to identify and determine the value of this type of military collectible.

WWII US FIELD TELEGRAPH BAG - This is the small version of the telegraph carrying case. Used with the compact type of telegraph. The entire bottom section is made of leather.

WWII US FIELD TELEGRAPH BAG - This is another example of the large telegraph carrying case. Of Khaki canvis construction. A single shoulder strap is provided. Leather upports are applied to each corner.

WWII US ARMY TP-9 FIELD TELEPHONE - This is a large, portable telephone that was normally used in field headquarters. very heavy duty construction. All components fit in one case.

WWII US ARMY RADIO REMOTE CONTROL UNIT - This equipment was designed to send the radio signal from a location at a distance from where the actual radio was located. very useful to avoid detection by the enemy.

WWII US RADIO BACKPACK FRAME - The radio equipment and batteries needed to be carried into the field. A pressboard frame with shoulder straps was designed to carry the equipment.

WWII US RADIO BACKPACK FRAME - This is another example of the multi-purpose pressboard carrying frame. Complete with paper instructions attached to the upper corner. Retains the back support.

WWII US BC 611 WALKIE TALKIE RADIOS - This is a set of one of the most iconic radios of WWII. Of metal construction with a straight design. An earpiece and mouth piece are clearly visible. Extendable antena on top. - Comin soon

WWII US TELEGRAPH LIGHT SIGNAL DEVICE - This is a communication device that emmitted morse code in the form of a light signal. The equipment comes with the issue box and instructions.

WWII US ARMY HEADPHONES - This is a set of standard military headphones. Used in land, sea and air conditions. A clip is provided to attach the equipment to a tunic.

WWII US NAVY CRV-562 METER - This is a set of gauges contained in a portable metal box. It is designed to measure the output of radios. Complete with rubber leads.

WWII US ARMY ANTENA CARRYING BAG - Of canvis construction. Olive drab color. Complete with shoulder straps which allow the bag to be carried as a backpack.

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