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This section covers field gear employed to carry ammunition in the battlefield. All items covered here are manufactured of different materials such as wood, canvis, etc. Much of this gear was sold in surplus and sporting goods stores after the war. Therefore facilitating its destruction from normal wear. Alot of it was also re-issued during the Korean and Vietnam wars. The following information allows the visitor to identify and determine the value of this type of military collectible.

WWII US ARMY M1 AMMO POUCH - - of canvis construction. Two separate compartments each hold a magazine for the .30 M-1 carbine rifle. Field modified with two belt loops.

WWII US ARMY ARMY CARTRIDGE BELT - This is the ammo belt for the M-1 Garand rifle. of canvis construction. Olive drab color. Multiple pockets all around are design to hold the striper clip with ammo.

WWII US MARINE CORPS CARTRIDGE BELT - This is the M-1 Garand cartridge belt. Of canvis construction. Each end has a metal bracket that engages together. Multiple pockets. Dark green color.

WWII US MARINE CORPS .30 Cal AMMO POUCH - Khaki color. canvis construction. Two pockets designed to hold a .30 cal M-1 carbine magazine. USMC stamped with black ink on back.

WWII US ARMY AMMO CARRYING VEST - Of canvis construction. The design consists of an oversized vest with a large pocket in the front and the back. The sides were secured in a couple of different ways.

WWII US ARMY THREE BAZOOKA ROUND CARRIER - Of canvis construction. Rectangular shape with an opening at one end which has a flap that is secured via the use of two snaps. A handle and shoulder strap are present.

WWII US ARMY 3-GRENADE CARRYING POUCH - Of heavy duty canvis construction. Two pull-dot snaps per pouch having a total of three pouches. One grenade was placed in each pouch. Wire hanger applied to the back.

WWII US ARMY FUZE WOODEN BOX - This is a rectangular wooden box where fuzes were shipped. Most of these boxes were used for firewood or to build foxholes.

WWII THOMPSON MACHINE GUN CLIP BAG - Khaki color rectangular bag with a single metal snap closure. Complete with a shoulder strap. This bag held Thompson machine gun magazines.

WWII US ARMY SPARE BARREL CARRIER - elongated triangular shape. canvis construction. The closure flap was rounded and had a single metal snap. Used to carry spare barrels for 30 or 50 caliber machine guns.

WWII US ARMY M-1 CARBINE CARRYING BAG - This is the canvis bag used to carry the M-1 carbine rifle. A single zipper is placed in the front. This is the rubberized type.

WWII US ARMY M-13 MACHINE GUN COVER - This is hte heavy duty canvis cover that is placed on vehicle mounted machine guns to protect them against dust and the weather.

WWII US ARMY .45 COLT LEATHER HOLSTER - Of brown leather construction. Heavy duty rivets are applied at stress points to provide support. heavy duty white cotton thread keeps the body together.

WWII US ARMY .50 Cal AMMO CAN - This is the standard metal can used to carry linked 50 caliber ammunition for the machine guns. When the machine gun was vehicle mounted this box was placed in a cradle next to it.

WWII US ARMY .45 COLT AMMO POUCH - Of canvis construction. Dated 1942 and stamped with the manufacturer's name. A large belt loop allows the utility belt to go through and snaps in place.

WWII US ARMY .45 COLT LEATHER HANGER - Brown leather construction. Heavy duty stitching. A metal "US" is placed in the front. Two gromets are located in the bottom to create the extension.

WWII US ARMY CARTRIDGE BELT - This is a multi-pocket ammo belt. Built on the frame of a utility belt. Each pocket holds a stripper clip for the M-1 Garand rifle.

WWII US ARMY M-1 SLING - Of leather construction. Brown color. Very heavy duty with white cotton thread. Multiple pairs of holes are punched along the body.

WWII US ARMY MODEL 1902 SPARE PART ROLL - Of canvis construction. Dated 1943. Manufactured by the "Rock Island Arsenal" company. The inside of the main compartment has multiple numbered pockets.

WWII US ANTI-AIRCRAFT GUN MAGAZINE - This is a large banana clip. Very heavy duty construction. White Porcelain handle. This was used with the anti-aircraft guns.

WWII US BAR AMMO BELT - This is an ammo belt design to carry the magazines for the Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR). Of canvis construction. Each pocket had a closing flap with a metal snap.

WWII US ARMY 60 MM MORTAR SHELL WOODEN BOX - This is the wooden box that was used to carry the 60 MM High Explosives mortar shells. Nicely marked with black paint stamps.

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