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This section displays general field gear employed by the US armed forces in all combat theaters during World War Two. Most of the items employed were constructed of canvis. Unlike nations in Europe, American gear did not employ leather very extensively. Some rubber and weather proofing was used in equipment related to amphibious operations such as the landing in Normandy in 1944. Today this gear has become a desirable collectible among many enthusiasts, causing the items to become valuable. This section discusses what several of the US WWII Field Gear collectibles are worth.

WWII US ARMY M-1938 WIRE CUTTER CASE - Of canvis construction. Rounded tip. Edges are enforces with additional canvis. A pull-dot snap is placed in the center. The top section has a wire hanger.

WWII US ARMY EXPERIMENTAL WATER CARRIER - This is a square bag. Manufactured of rubberized canvis. Complete with shoulder strap. Dated 1945. This bag was not widely distributed.

WWII US ARMY M1 MUZZLE COVER - The muzzle of the rifles needed to be protected from dirt and mud. This is a canvis cover with a strap and two snaps. The letter "US" are written in black ink.

WWII US ARMY RIFLE CLEANING CASE - This is a modified rifle cleaning kit bag. Canvis construction. Khaki color. A wire hanger is attached to the back. A single strap closes the main flap.

WWII US ARMY INFLATABLE CUSHION - Rubberized rectangular bag with a black rubber hose sticking out from one corner. The bag is inflated and placed inside the shirt. The idea was to enhance the person's floating ability.

- The US Army mine detector required a fairly large battery for operation. This is a rectangular pack with a shoulder strap. Of canvis construction. Khaki color.

WWII US ARMY EXPLOSIVES / AMMO BAG - Soldiers had the need to carry ammunition and explosives. A rectangular canvis bag with a shoulder strap was one way to carry these items. A single strap is employed to close the main flap.

WWII US ARMY LOAD BEARING WEB - A set of suspenders was attached at four points of the utility belt in order to distribute the across the shoulder of the soldier carrying the load.

US ARMY 1943 SLEEPING BAG - Sleeping bags were issued to troops that spent time on the field. Of cotton construction. Usually a green wool liner was found.

1944 US ARMY CANVIS SHELTER HALF - Soldiers were issued a rectangular canvis section with button holes and metal buttons on the perimeter. Two sections of canvis could be secured together to make a 2 man tent.

1944 US ARMY MOUNTAIN TROOPS TENT - This is a tent which is reversible. One side is green while the other is white. Small retractable tubes extend from the upper section to provide ventilation.

WWII US AAF SLEEPING BAG - This is a sleeping bag that was issued to US Army Air Force troops. Olive Drab color. Cotton construction. The main body is stuffed with cotton.

1935 US NAVY CANVIS BEDROLL - Of heavy duty canvis construction. Khaki color with multiple markings applied with black ink. The bedroll has a series of straps and buckles designed to secure the contents.

1940's US ARMY WOODEN TRANSIT BOX - Soldiers from the European theater sent their war trophies and other belongings back home using wooden boxes. The item featured here is an example of how addresses were painted on the box itself.

WWII US AAF PILOT SURVIVAL C-1 VEST - American Pilots who flew over the jungles in the South Pacific faced the possibility of being shut down in the middle of inhospitable terrain. Personnel were issued vests with multiple pockets full of survival equipment.

WWII US ARMY DUFFLE BAG - The duffle bag has proven to be the best way for American soldiers to carry their clothes and other personal belongings while in transit. Of canvis construction. Khaki color.

WWII US ARMY EARLY COMPASS POUCH - Of cabvis construction. Olive drab color with a khaki re-inforced perimeter. Two pull-dot snaps secure the main flap. The back has a wire hanging device.

US ARMY HAMOC MOSQUITO NETTING COVER - Troops that served in the South Pacific faced mosquitos and many other insects. This is a large mosquito netting which was used with hammacks or sleeping bags.

WWII US ARMY MECHANIC'S TOOL BAG - Canvis construction. Khaki color. Apron design with multiple pockets where tools are placed. Mechanics from all branches could have used this item.

WWII US ARMY MECHANIC'S APRON - Of canvis construction. Khaki color. Complete with a canvis shoulder strap. Multiple pockets of different sizes are used to hold tools. Used by US Army mechanics.

WWII US ARMY MAP CASE - Of canvis construction. Light plywood or cardboard is used as backing. A shoulder strap is attached to the sides. Several compartments hold maps. Several smaller loops hold pens and pencils.

WWII US ARMY GARMENT BAG - Of lightweight canvis construction. A zipper is placed in the front to allow access to clothing. A brass grommet is found on top. This is where a hanger hook passes through.

WWII US ARMY INDIVIDUAL COVER - This is a plastic poncho enclosed in a rectangular package. Olive drab color with white block letters applied to the front.

WWII US ARMY EARLY COMPASS POUCH - Of canvis construction. Khaki color. Wire hook found in back. Two metal snaps secure the main flap. This design was introduced in late World War one.

WWII USMC WOOL BLANKET - All wool construction. Olive drab color. Large letters USMC are applied in black ink. A wide black stripe is applied to the bottom. Issued to US Marine Corps personnel.

WWII US AAF BOMBER CREW FLAK VEST - Used for protection against flak while flying on bomber aircraft. white cotton liner. Olive drab canvis. Vest houses a series of metal plates. Shoulders have pull-dot snaps.

WWII US AAF SUITCASE - Of canvis construction. Olive drab color. Two large openings on the side with aluminum zippers. Metal handle covered with brown leather. Marked Army Air Force. Metal studs on base.

WWII US ARMY EXPERIMENTAL POUCHES - This is a set of four pouches sewn together. Each pouch has a flap with two snaps. The interior of the pouches are divided. Olive Drab green color. Not sure what was its use.

WWII US ARMY MACHINE GUN PARTS BAG - This is a khaki canvis bag with multitple numbered pockets inside. The bag rolls into place and is secured via the use of a metal snap. A handle is found on top.

WWII PERSONAL EFFECTS BAG - When a soldier died his personal belongings were collected and placed in this bag. Of canvis construction. A white cotton draw string closes the bag.

WWII US ARMY WOOL GLOVES - This is set of winter wool gloves. The palms are enforces with brown leather. These were heavy duty work gloves.

WWII US ARMY WEB BELT - Of heavy duty canvis construction. 2 inches in width with a metal buckle at the end. This was the standard belt worn by US soldiers.

WWII GENERAL PURPOSE KNIFE - Plastic grips with heavy bark texture. Dark brown color. This was a multi-purpose knife with several blades.

WWII US ARMY FIELD DESK - Of plywood construction with metal re-enforcements. Containing a series of sections where items could be stored. A single drawer was placed in the top section. A writing surface hinged down.

WWII US MARINE CORPS CANTEEN - The US Marine Corps used the same canteen as other branches with the exception of the canteen carrier. The Marine version had flaps which criss crossed as they snapped.

WWII US ARMY TURN TABLE - The US Army Signal Corps was the primary group to manage turn tables. They were commonly used in encampments as a way to disiminate announcements and music.

WWII US MARINE CORPS BACKPACK - This is the entire set. Consisting of an upper and a lower pack. Of canvis construction. Markings are found on both sections.

WWII US MARINE CORPS LOWER PACK - The US Marine Corps backpack system of WWII was composed of two separate packs. The one featured here was used in the bottom. Of canvis construction. Early version with two separate side flaps.

WWII US NAVY SHIP BELL - Of brass construction. Measuring 10 inches in diameter. The letter USN are stamped in the front. Numbers are stamped on the top section.

1945 WWII US ARMY LOAD BEARING SUSPENDERS - Of canvis construction. Dated 1945. The front of the suspenders have two loops where grenades were often carried. fOur total hooks connected to the utility belt.

WWII US MARINE CORPS EARLY UTILITY BELT - Of canvis construction. Khaki color. Approximately 2 inches in diameter. This is an early war belt with multiple metal snaps placed along the length of the body. POuches could be secured to the snaps.

WWII US FIELD SEWING KIT - Of canvis construction. Olive drab color. This is a rectangular piece of cloth with multiple pockets which housed sewing type material the GI's used to mend their clothing.

WWII US ARMY T-HANDLE SHOVEL COVER - Of canvis construction. Khaki color. This is the cover for the T-handle shovel. A strap is attached to the side to secure it in plcace.

WWII US ARMY AIR FORCE LEATHER GLOVES - Of Brown leather construction. This is a set of gloves used by pilots and crew during high altitude missions where the cab was not pressurized making it very cold.

WWII US MARINE CORPS CAMO STRAP - Of canvis construction. Camouflage color. This strap has a heavy duty metal buckle at the end. Used to secure equipment.

WWII US MARINE CORPS CAMOUFLAGED PONCHO - Of rubberized canvis construction. Camouflage color. Reversible type. Complete with snaps and hood.

WWII US MARINE CORPS CAMO STRAP - Of canvis construction. Camouflage color. This strap has a heavy duty metal buckle at the end. Used to secure equipment.

WWII US MARINE CORPS CAMOUFLAGED SHELTER - Of canvis construction. Camouflage color. Reversible type. Complete with snaps and buttons.

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