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This section of the website provides information covering general field gear employed by all the various branches of the US forces. Most of the items were constructed from canvis. Fiberglass was employed for the first time but in very limited basis. Wood was also used in a limited basis, primarily for transportation boxes and field desks. Information about the present worth of this military collectibles is provided here.

WWII US ARMY FIELD COMPASS - This is a field compass. Consisting of the canvis carrying pouch, lensatic compass and cardboard instructions. The instructions have a sample of how to use the compass.

WWII US WALKING COMPASS - Of brass construction. Round shape with a clip that allows the compass to be secured to a shirt or jacket. Very simple design without any graduation.

WWII US ARMY WALLET - Of leather construction. Light Brown color. The US Army eagle is displayed on the cover in gold tone. Wallets like this one are purchased at the PX.

WWII US AAF B-17 AIRCRAFT MODEL - This is a US Army Air Force training aircraft model. Of black plastic construction. The model was ran on a cable with the soldier below. It was a way to teach soldiers to recognize profiles of aircrafts.

WWII US AAF B-24 BOMB RELEASE SWITCH - This is the bomb release switch for a B-24 aircraft. A red flip cover protects the release switch. White letters read "Bomb release".

WWII US ARMY TANKER STOVE - This is the standard field stove issued to infantry men, mountain troops and tank crews. Pressure operated burner was an ideal way to cook a meal.

WWII US AAF WOODEN WINGS - It was a common practice for soldiers to commision pieces to be made by local artisans where the bases were located. This is an example of a wooden carving of a set of Navy pilot wings.

WWII US ARMY T-HANDLE SHOVEL black - This is an early type of shovel used by the American armed forces. Known as the T-Handle due to the design of the end of the handle. Painted green with the letters US stamped on the handle.

WWII US ARMY T-HANDLE SHOVEL - This is an earlier version of the T-Handle shovel. The paint has been worn out exposing the raw materials. Shovel head is attached via the use of two rivets.

WWII US M-1943 TRENCH TOOL - This is the standard shovel issued around 1943. Folding shovel head format. A rotating nut allows the head to rotate freely or secures it in the open position.

WWII US ARMY 1944 PICK - This is a US Army pick. The head comes off and is stored next to the handle via the use of a canvis cover. Manufactured by the Plumb company and dated 1944.

WWII US ARMY MATCH HOLDER - This is a metal match holder. The front has a US Army eagle attached. The inside held a match book. PUrchased by soldiers at local shops.

WWI/WWII US ARMY POCKET COMPASS - This is a round pocket housed in a silver container similar to a pocket watch. The opening mechanim consists of a button that when depressed opens the hinged cover revealing the compass.

WWII US BELT BUCKLE - This is a square metal buckle. Thin construction. The rear has a hinged set of teeth. No markings. The front has a swastika. Used by American National Guard before the war.

WWII US ARMY TIN CUP - This is a metal cup with gray enamel applied. No markings are found. This could have been a private purchased made by a US soldier.

WWII US ARMY WRIST WATCH - This is a 24 hour wrist watch. Labeled "Combat Watch". Leather wrist strap. Marked in back.

WWII US NAVY TIN CUP - This is a white porcelain cup. Possibly used in medical applications. Marked USN in the bottom. A handle is attached to the side.

WWII US ARMY SHAVING KIT - This is a shaving kit. Multiple stainless steel pieces are housed in a fitted cardboard case lined with plastic. A reflective piece of metal acts as a mirror.

WWII US ARMY THEATRE MADE NAMEPLATE - When soldiers were stationed in the different theaters they would hire locals to create items for them. This wooden nameplate is an example of such item.

WWII US ARMY SOAP HOLDER - Of metal construction. Two pieces that interlock with each other. A brass rectangular plaque has been placed in the front.

WWII US NAVY RESERVE DOG TAGS - of Aluminum construction. Oval shape. The information has been stamped on the tag itself.

1942 WWII US ARMY BASEBALL BAT - This is a US Army issued Baseball bat. Of wood construction. Markings are found in the body.

1942 WWII US ARMY BASEBALL CATCHER"S GLOVE - This is a US Army issued Baseball catcher's glove. Of leather construction. Manufacturer Markings are found in the lower section.

1942 WWII US NAVY LIFE RAFT NAVIGATION DEVICE - This is a navigation device that was issued with life rafts by the US Navy. The device would allow an inexperienced navigator to find his way around the ocean.

1942 WWII US NAVY SHIP CLOCK - This is a US Navy ship clock. Interesting Bakelite body. Manufactured by the Chelsea clock company.

WWII US AAF SEXTANT - This is a US Army Air Force aircraft sectant. Of metal construction. Black painted body. Complete with a fitted wooden carrying case. Electrically operated.


WWII US ARMY FOLDING FIELD TABLE - This is a field folding table. Complete with four chairs. The table folds into a suitcase-like format. The chairs fit inside the folded table. The chairs have a canvis seat.

WWII US ARMY OFFICER MESS KIT - This is a mess kit used by US Army officers. Square wooden box. When opened it reveals a series of compartment which contain dishes, cups and a coffee pot. All made of aluminum.

WWII US ARMY FIELD DESK - This is a wooden box with a hinged front. Once open the lid becomes a writing surface. It also reveals a series of compartments and drawers.


WWII US NAVY BATTLESHIP SIREN - This is a siren that was used by the US navy in a battleship. Of heavy duty metal construction.

WWII US ARMY AIR FORCE MAGNETON - This device powered the early radar instrument panels in aircraft. Heavy duty construction. Multiple angled find provide better heat dissipation.

WWII US NAVY BOILER GAUGE - of brass construction. Circular shape with a large glass display. Measures pressure inside the boiler of ships.

WWII USMC LARGE STOVE/HEATER - This is a US Marine Corps tent heater and stove. Issued for use in large tents. The canister is pressurized and burns for a long time. Unprotected flame could go out while gas filled the tent. This is a bad situation.


WWII US ARMY PARATROOPER CANTEEN - of Aluminum construction. This is a standard canteen but the cover has extra straps attached to the back for extra support when the jumps are made.

WWII USMC BLACK PORCELAIN CANTEEN - of Aluminum construction with an enamel cover. These canteens were manufacturen only in 1942. They were marked in the bottom.

1944 WWII US CANTEEN - of Aluminum construction. This is the standard cantten of the US armed forces. Horizintal seam. Complete with a khaki canvis cover.

1942 WWII US BLACK ENAMEL CANTEEN - of Aluminum construction coated with black enamel. These canteens were issued primarily to US Marine Corps forces.

1945 WWII US ARMY CANTEEN COVER - of canvis construction. Khaki color. Date and manufacturer's name stamped near base.


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