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1932 US ARMY PEARL HARBOR GROUPING - This is a US Army Engineering Corps grouping. The soldier was based in Pearl Harbor in 1932. The grouping consists of a uniform (pants and jacket), a large photo of the company standing together to form the shape of the 28th Infantry emblem. Also included is a paper listing the names of the members of the group.

The uniform has three early 1900's proficiency awards pinned just above one of the top poclets. The first award has two suspension bars (Rifle and Pistol). The second award has a plain flat surface with a single suspension bar for Rifle. The last award denotes a pistol expert.

The patch is of felt construction. With a thick black border. This is a very early example of the type of patches employed by the US Army. This type of patches were used in the begining stages of WWII. Often times patches like this one are damaged by moths.

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