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People Menuki - Japanese Samurai Sword - The Samurai sword long handles would be adorned with menukis.  These items would be placed towards the center of the handle.  Each side would bear an identical menuki.  The ornaments were created after various themes, such as, dragons, animals, flowers, etc.

The menuki illustrated here are patterned after gods or kami, and the
 accessories are their various attributes so they can be identified.

the god of wealth, luck, and prosperity - Daikoku.He has a rat
on his back because a black rat is his familiar

This is a Daikoku with his rat.He is leaning over a rice bale tied
in the old style, and has his treasure sack on the right - not sure what
the other items are.His other 'symbol' is a lucky mallet, if you see
one of those.Why a rat?Only a full storehouse attracts rodents

Unknown era.

pre-Edo samurai in full battle armour. Could be Bishamon, the god of war.

the god Ebisu and his lucky sea bream.Ebisu is the god of
fishermen, good fortune, and commerce.Possibly the son of Daikoku, and
they are often depicted together, so a set of menuki might have Daikoku
and Ebisu.

Unknown era.

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