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The Samurai warriors often fought hand to hand in the battle field. The winner of the engagement would decapitate its oponent and take the head home as a trophy. This ritual gave birth to the Samurai helmet. The helmet was built of riveted pieces of iron and had a heavy duty neck protection. In many cases, a metal mask would also be attached to the head gear. Once together, the helmet had a very ferocious appearance.

The Samurai had a very strict set of conduct during battle. When faced with an opponent, the Samurai would yelled out his name, ancestry and previous deeds of heroism to identify himself before the fight. After defeating his enemy, the Samurai would pay complements to the dead soldier prior to severing his head. Before battle, each warrior would burn incense in his helmet so that in the event that he lost, the adversary would have a pleasant smell after severing the head.

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