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If you own a Samurai sword there are a few steps you can take to make sure your swords are kept from deteriorating. Knowing how to take care of your sword is very important.

This section of the website provides basic information regarding the care os Samurai swords. Whether you have swords for investment purposes, family heirloom or jsut general interest. The steps discussed here will help you keep and enjoy the sword for many years to come.

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Do not touch the blade
The oil in your finger tips will be applied to the sword's blade. If the oil is not wiped clean the shape of your fingertips will be displayed on the blade. This can eventually become rust.

Keep the blade dry
Moiture on teh blade is very distructive. The following photos illustrate how surface rust forms on the blade when exposed to moisture for a period of time.

Do not oil the blade
The metal used on the swords tends to absorb chemicals. Unlike other knives and swords, when oil is applied to a Samurai sword the blade tends to absorb it. This is not a good thing as it creates a cloudy appearance on the body of the blade. This coat can be difficult and/or time consuming to clean.

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