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The Russian military produced a large variety of hats. From camouflaged to plain colors. For hot and cold weather.

This page provides a comprehensive look at the headgear from WWI to the present. It provides a means to identify a helmet and determine its value via the use of our miliary antiques price guide.

1- RUSSIAN DIGITAL CAMO FIELD CAP - This is a camouflaged cap. Digital pattern. Double gromets for ventilation. Ear flaps secured on top of hat.

2 - RUSSIAN FLORA CAMO HAT WITH INSIGNIA Heavy duty construction. Flora pattern camouflage. Ear flaps are secured to the top of the hat. Metal badge attached to the front.

3 - RUSSIAN AFGHANKA TANKER HELMET - Of cotton construction. Brown color. Padded design. Ear flaps work as a chin strap. Soviet star metal emblem in front.

4 - RUSSIAN AFGHANKA ARMY HAT Of cotton construction. Two ventilation gromets placed on upper section. Leather chin strap attached via metal buttons.

5 - RUSSIAN ARMY USHAMKA The traditional Russian hat. Gray color. Furry design. Ear flaps secured on top of hat. Metal star attached to front.

6 - RUSSIAN ARMY CAMO HAT - Dark camo pattern construction. Two metal silver gromets placed forward on top. Ear flaps secured on top.

7 - RUSSIAN CAMO FIELD CAP This is a camouflaged army cap. Complete with ear flaps which attach to the top.

8 - RUSSIAN GRAY CAP WITH INSIGNIA Of cotton construction. Dark gray color. Ear flaps. Black leather chin strap attached via gold metal buttons.

9 - RUSSIAN ARMY WINTER CAP WITH CHIN STRAP As issued to army personnel. Light color design. Ear flaps are present and secured to the top. No ventilation gromets are visible.

10 - RUSSIAN ARMY CAMO CAP This is a standard issue army camouflaged cap. Complete with ear flaps. Two silver ventilation gromets placed forward in the body.

11 - RUSSIAN REED CAMO PATTERN WITH NET This is a very interesting hat. High top construction. Reed camouflage pattern. Mosquito net attached to the body of the hat. Pull laces secure the bottom.

12 - RUSSIAN ARMY AFGHANKA BUSH HAT As issued to Russian troops fighting in Afghanistan. Dark Brown color with a large rim. Subdued metal insignia in the front.

13 - RUSSIAN AFGHANISTAN OVERSEAS HAT Standard overseas hat issued to Russian troops. Red metal star located in front. Dark Brown color.

14 - RUSSIAN ARTILLERY HAT WITH INSIGNIA Dark Green color. Double breasted top with red piping symbolizing an artillery unit. Oval metal badge with a star in the center.

15 - RUSSIAN ARMY 1990'S CAMO BERET As issued in the 1990's to Russian army troops. Camouflaged beret. Oval metal insignia attached to the front. Red star in center of emblem.

16 - RUSSIAN CAMO CAP This is a camouflaged army cap. Three color pattern. Oversized visor. No chin strap.

17 - RUSSIAN CAMO CAP Of cotton construction. Three color camouflage pattern design. Neck protection folded upward. Metal snaps placed on ends.

18 - RUSSIAN ARMY CAMO CAP - This is a desert style three color camouflage pattern cap. Issued to troops fighting in the desert. No ear flaps or neck protection.

19 - RUSSIAN CAMO BASEBALL CAP This is a vap built in the traditional baseball style. Half of the body is made from a screen material. Forest camouflage design.

20 - RUSSIAN STRATEGIC MISSILE FORCES HAT Issued to troops assigned to the missile command. Blue/Green color with a tri-color cloth flag to one side. Metal hat insignia in front.

21 - RUSSIAN NAVY ENGINEER BERET This is a Navy beret. Black color. Large metal hat insignia. Triangular patch to one side. A metal anchor placed on patch.

22 - RUSSIAN AIRBORNE BERET This is a beret issued to airborne troops. Blue/Green color. Wool construction. Large metal insignia in front. Patch sewn to side.

23 - RUSSIAN AIR FORCE PILOT OVERSEAS HAT Of cotton construction. Brown color. Light Blue piping on top. Issued to air force pilots.

24 - RUSSIAN AIR FORCE PILOT OVERSEAS HAT - This is the standard overseas hat. Dark Brown color. Of wool construction. Issued to air force personnel.

25 - RUSSIAN ARMY HAT WITH BADGE This is an enlisted man hat. Khaki color. Brown leather visor with matching chin strap. Metal hat badge.

26 - RUSSIAN ARMY OFFICER HAT WITH BADGE This is a Russian army officer hat. Issued to artillery groups. Leather black visor. Red mid-body stripe. Metal hat insignia.

27 - RUSSIAN ARMY HAT WITH RED PIPING This is the standard artillery officer hat. High peak construction. With a leather visor. Red piping. A metal hat insignia on the front.

28 - RUSSIAN ARMY HAT WITH HOOD This is a hat issued to the Russian army for winter conditions. Standard construction wit a built-in neck protection. A single button secures the flaps.

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