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This page provides a comprehensive look at the headgear from WWI to the present. It provides a means to identify a helmet and determine its value via the use of our miliary antiques price guide.

RUSSIAN ARNY DRIVER'S SHIRT WITH HAT - This is a Russian army shirt used by driers. Khaki/Green color with two pockets. Includes shoulder boards and a hat.

1970'S RUSSIAN ARMY PANTS - Heavy duty cotton construction. two-button Adjustable waist. The bottom of the legs have adjustable buttons and cloth strap.

RUSSIAN GIMNASTERKA NFANTRY SHIRT - Of cotton construction. Green/Khaki coloe. Straight collar. Half open front with two pockets with button-up closures.

RUSSIAN SPETSNAZ PANTS WITH BELT - This is the standard pants for the Russian special forces. Green/Khaki color. Complete with a wide cloth belt with metal gromets.

RUSSIAN ARMY TANKER SHIRT This is a 1980's Russian tanker shirt. Green/Khaki color. Two pockets with closure flaps. Triangular tank pach placed above right pocket.

RUSSIAN ARMY FIELD KHAKI PANTS Of cotton/Rayon construction. Green/Khaki color. Two button adjustable waist. A strap is attached to the bottom of the leg. strap in main flap.

RUSSIAN SPECIAL FORCES SHIRT - This is the shirt used by the Russian Spetsnaz. Five large buttons secure the front. No pockets. Green/Khaki color.

RUSSIAN MABUTA PANTS This is a 1980's pair of pants. Of cotton construction. Dark shade of Khaki color. Elastic bottoms with two sets of cloth straps.

RUSSIAN VDV SPETSNAZ PARATROOPER SHIRT Of cotton/Rayon construction. Khaki color. Paratrooper rubber patch on one sleeve. Paratrooper collar insignia.

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