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The "GVARDIA" badge was instituted 21.05.1942 by order of Presidium of Supreme Soviet of the USSR as the same time with institution of gvardian ranks for soldiers and officers.(For example :when the unit got the gvardian title,soldier or officer got the "gvardian" tilte for his rank "gvardian sergant","gvar- dian major" etc.)

The first units to get the "GVARDIA" title were :
100,127,153 and 161 infantry divisions for merit and courage in Se- ptember of 1941.(Later were renamed in 1,2,3 and 4 Gvardian infa- try Divisions),first air unit was the 29 Redbanners Fighters Airregim- ent,and first ships were the "Stoykiy" destroyer and cruiser "Krasniy Kavkaz". This symbol also had been used by tanks and aircrafts crews for de- coration of turrets and fuselages if the unit has a gvardian rank.

The example displayed on this page is a post-war production of this badge.

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