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Deploying an automated software testing system is a very challenging task. This effort requires a high degree of planing and discipline. Quan Engineering can assist your organization with this task via the use of TAS.

TAS is a methodology designed to ensure the successful deployment of an automated software test solution. This product consists of a set of guidelines, naming convention and strategies. While TAS is designed to maximize the functionality of SQA TeamTest, its principles can be employed to successfully deploy other tools such as Winrunner.

The TAS methodology covers all major areas of the software testing process. The following list outlines what a customer would learn from employing the system;

There are two ways in which Quan Engineering delivers TAS;

1) Class
A two day class is set up at the customer's site. The class will cover the TAS strategy and its implementation on a real life project. This option includes the licensing of the methodology.

2) Methodology Licensing
The customer may choose to simply purchase the licensing to the methodology and implement it on their own.

Are you interested in finding out more about TAS? Feel free to contact us via e-mail by pressing HERE.

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