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This section of the website discusses the anatomy of German hats. Getting an understanding of the elements of the hats will enhance the ability the enthuisiast in determining the authenticity of a item. This information can also be helpful in establishing the age of the collectible.

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This page features three different types of hats used in Germany during WWII. Their anatomy is discussed. specific aspects of their construction is also analyzed. While there are more variations of hats in the Third Reich, the ones discussed here form the base for the rest.

Different sections of The military and public sector distinguished their hats by varying the shape and materials of construction. However, there were more subtle changes such as the color of the piping. the type of hat eagle, the type of chin strap, color of mid section and type of cockade.

The inside of the visor of the German helmet comes in two basic types. One is checkered and the other is smooth.

The soft hat construction had almost the same properties as other hats but everything was made of cloth. Things such as piping, hat eagles and cockades were present. These hats are normally associated with use in the field. Their cloth construction made them very flexible and could be put away in a pocket easily.

The chin strap of the hat is attached to the side of the mid body by using different types of fasteners.

The photo on the left shows a pebbled button in use. The opposite photo shows a plain metal button.

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