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GERMAN MISCELLANEOUS PAPERWORK OF WWII The following gallery features miscellaneous paperwork that was issued to German armed forces and civilians during WWII.

The information provided here assists the militaria enthusiasts with the identification and pricing of paperwork from the Third Reich. The documents were used by military and governmet offices. civilian population also employed some of these documents. You may visit our Third Reich Organization Guide in order to get a better understanding of the different German entities.

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WWII GERMAN 50TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY DOCUMENT This is a document that celebrates a couple's 50th wedding anniversary. Lavashly adorned. A Nazi state seal is stamped in the lower corner.

WWII GERMAN NSDAP ACTIVITY CONSENT FORM This is a miscellaneous NSDAP document which has what appears to be a civil defense eagle on the upper section.

WWII GERMAN FARMER LAND BILL This is a general document from the government relating to farming land.

WWII GERMAN ARMY PANZER SOLDIER POSTCARD This is a WWII German Panzer soldier postcard. Full color production. It portrays the face of a soldier with a black beret.

WWII GERMAN SA AND ARMY SOLDIER POSTCARD - This is a postcard of a German army soldier and a member of the SA side by side. Full color production.

WWII GERMAN RAD CAMPS GUIDE BOOK - This is a very interesting book which has a list of the RAD camps accompanied by black and white photographs of each camp.

WWII GERMAN SHIP RECOGNITION BOOKLET - This is a paperback booklet which has a series of graphics, black and white photos and information regarding the different ships of the Kriegsmarine.

WWII GERMAN DOUMENTATION GROUPING - This is a grouping of documents awarding the War Merit Cross to an individual who worked at a factory.

WWII GERMAN U-BOAT 22 POSTCARD- This is a grouping of postcards which include the Lusitania ship and the submarine who sank her.


These are the publications known as cigarrette books or just propaganda books. Each had a specific topic which always furthered the causes of the Third Reich. Hitler and his associates were always portrayed in a good light. Whether it was accepting flowers from a little girl, inspecting Hitler Youth groups or visiting a factory. The books were designed to give the reader the impression that the Fuhrer, the armed forces and the Third Reich in general were good for Germany.

The books have numbered, empty boxes. It was up to the owner to get the cards to glue to the squares. The idea was to complete each book by collecting all the cards available for the series. Some of these cards are easily confused with authentic photographs because their quality is really good. However, they were mass produced in factories and not photogrpahs taken by a private individual.

Some of the other books have smaller cards which are drawn. They do not look like photographs. Usually these type of cards were obtained in cigarrette cartons.

1930'S SA AND SS PROPAGANDA BOOK - This is one is a series of propaganda books put out by the NSDAP to commemorate the SA and its members.

WWII GERMAN SA AND SS PROPAGANDA BOOK - This is a second version of the propaganda book. Orange cover. Contains multiple photos of the SA and their activities.

WWII GERMAN ADOLF HITLER PROPAGANDA BOOK - This is a propaganda book that was produced by the NSDAP. Contains a series of photos showing Hitler performing multiple activities.

GERMAN WWII THE WORLD WAR BOOK - This is a propaganda book that covers the activities of the German armed forces during WWI.

THE GERMAN ARMED FORCES BOOK - This is a propaganda book that commemoates the various armed forces of Germany. Contains a series of small cards with graphical illustrations of weapons and soldiers.

GERMAN ORDERS AND MEDALS CIGARRETTE BOOK - This is a propaganda book that illustrates many of the military awards from various time periods in Germany.


Mein Kampf (My Struggle) is a book written by Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. It combines elements of autobiography with an exposition of Hitler's political ideology. Volume 1 of Mein Kampf was published in 1925 and Volume 2 in 1926. The book was edited by the former Hieronymite friar Bernhard Stempfle who later perished during the Night of the Long Knives.

This section of the website shows some examples of the book as printed during WWII and a little later.

WWII GERMAN ONE VOLUME VERSION - This is a copy of the Mein Kampf book that was written by Hitler before taking power.

WWII GERMAN TWO VOLUME VERSION - This is a two volume version of Mein Kampf. Paper back version which features Hitler's photo in the front.

1947 VERSION TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH - This is a translated version of Mein Kampf. Hardcover book. Gold letters are applied to the front and side.


The German military forces issued a large variety of awards. Most of the awards came with a document that stated the name of the person recieving the award as well as the date it was given. Other information such as the reason why may be found as well. Non military awards may also come with an issue document.

This section of the site illustrates several examples of the documents that were give with an award. The website also has a section dedicated to the German military and civilian awards where you can see the badges and medals themselves.

WWII GERMAN BLACK WOUND BADGE DOCUMENT - This is one example of the document issued with the black wound badge. Plain paper with state seal and commander's signature.

WWII GERMAN SOLDIER GROUPING WITH BLACK WOUND BADGE DOCUMENT - This is the document that was issued to soldiers who earned the black wound badge. Signed by awarding officer with state seal.

GERMAN WWII RAD FLAK BADGE AWARD DOCUMENT - This is the award document issued to a member of a RAD unit for being a participant in a FLAK crew. Paper is signed and sealed.

GERMAN WWII EASTERN FRONT MEDAL AWARD DOCUMENT - This is one example of the award document issued to soldiers who fought in the Eastern Front. The paper is signed and has the state seal.

GERMAN WWII WAR MERIT CROSS WITH SWORDS AWARD DOCUMENT - This is one of the examples of the award document for the War Merit Cross Second Class medal. The facsimile of the award is outlined at the top.

GERMAN WWII IRON CROSS AWARD DOCUMENT - This is an example of the award document for the Iron Cross Second Class. Signed by the awarding officer and with the seal of the state.

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