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WWII US Army M1943 Field Jacket -
During the early days of the war many of the uniforms across the US armed forces were not truly standardized. In addition, the current field jacket was not providing the type of protection desired by the soliders. In May 1943 the Army's Quartermasters issued the M1943 jacket (also known as the M43). This jacket provided several improvements from its predecessor and helped consolidate the uniforms across the military branches.

Among the advantages found in the jacket are:

1) Four pockets were provided. Two at the chest level and two towards the bottom of the jacket.

2) Pockets were reenforced to provide the ability to carry heavier items such as granades.

3) A removable hood was available.

4) A flap was placed under the left collar to allow a more complete closure to be achieved to protect the neck area.

5) This jacket also helped initiate the concept of cloth layaring to offer better protection in the colder climates.

The specification number given by the Quartermasters to this jacket was PQD 370. The construction of the jacket consisted of a sateen shell with cotton lining. The waist could be adjusted via an internal string. The wrists had buttons that would allow the user to close them.

The front of the jacket could be secured by using six hidden buttons. This would allow a cleaner surface and avoid any dangling equipment to get accidentally snagged on the buttons.
The pockets of the jacket were also secured by hidden buttons.

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The design of the M43 jacket was so successful that the US armed forces today wear field jackets whose designed can be traced back to the M43. A white tag with black letters was often found in the inside of one of the lower pockets. In later years the location of the tag changed to the inside liner.

Later during the war some variations were introduced to the construction of the jacket. They included:

1) The relocation of the collar tab from the bottom to the top. Model PQD 370A.

2) A triangular tab built onto the top of the jacket replaced the old collar tab system. Model PQD 370B.

3) A button was added to hold down the collar tab when it was not being used. PQD 370C.

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Feb 27th, 2017
Most of the American uniforms of the WWII era are relatively common. The field jacket featured here is getting hard to find. In general the appreciation has been moderate. Recently the value has began to come up some. It is expected that this trend will continue.

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