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1943 US Navy Pilot's Dress Uniform - When the United States entered World War Two much of the military was unprepared for combat. The unforms and equipment employed was very antiquated, most of it dated back to World War one. Advances in the field of aviation required the development of new uniforms to fit the demands of flight. Among them was the US Navy Pilot's dress uniform. It was made of a black gabardine material.

The design of the uniform consisted of a jacket with one top pocket and two bottom pockets. All of them are open. They do not have any flaps. Double breasted design. The jacket has long sleeves with an officer stripe on the end of each sleeve. The stripe is of mustard color and is composed of two smaller stripes, one in the top and one in the bottom. a small star has been sewn above one of the stripes.

The pants have two front pockets and two back pockets.

This is a tailor made uniform. The jacket has a tag that reads:

M. Born & co.
B-39 No. 50911
for P F Reed
date 8 - 16 - 43
Iowa city, IA

The pants also have a tag. It reads:

M. Born & co.
31 1/4 - 31 1/2 No. 50911
for P F Reed
date 8 - 16 - 43
Iowa city, IA

notice that the name of the individual for whom the uniform was made matches both tags. So does the number 50911.

The American tunics were outfitted with a variety of patches to denote rank and affiliation to a particular unit or group. The patches were sewn to the left and right arms and sometimes in the breast area.

In addition, metal collar insignia were employed. They normally show rank and the type of job the soldier performs (i.e. artillery, checmical, administration, aviation, etc.). The uniform featured here does not have any metal insignia.

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Pilots were issued a set of 3 inch wings upon graduation from pilot school. Many pilots did not want to wear the actual set of wings with their dress uniforms because they could be cumbersome when moving around. An option was to have a set of cloth wings sewn right to the jacket of the uniform. That is the case with the jacket featured here.

The cloth wings are made of bullion material. They have an intricate design consisting of a shield with wings protruding out from each side. An anchor goes through the shield. The size is approximatelly 3 inches.

Unlike earlier American uniforms, the front buttons were sewn. Of metal construction. Golden color. Bearing the US Navy eagle in the face of the button. Since the design is double breasted, there are a total of 6 buttons in the uniform.

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Jan 11th, 2017
This set is in very good condition. In general the dress uniforms are less desirable than the combat uniforms. However, these type of items are begining to get scarce so the value is likely to go up at a modest pace.

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