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World War II, or the Second World War, was a global military conflict, the joining of what had initially been two separate conflicts. The first began in Asia in 1937 as the Second Sino-Japanese War; the other began in Europe in 1939 with the German invasion of Poland. This global conflict split the majority of the world's nations into two opposing military alliances: the Allies and the Axis Powers. Spanning much of the globe, World War II resulted in the death of over 60 million people, making it the deadliest conflict in human history.

World War II involved the mobilization of over 100 million military personnel, making it the most widespread war in history. The war placed the participants in a state of "total war", erasing the distinction between civil and military resources. This resulted in the complete activation of a nation's economic, industrial, and scientific capabilities for the purposes of the war effort; a majority of those killed in the war were civilians. From 9 to 11 million of these civilian casualties. The financial cost of the war is estimated at about a trillion 1944 U.S. dollars worldwide, making it the most costly war in capital as well as lives.

The American fighting uniform saw its greatest evolution during WWII. New materials, design and construction were introduced during this period. The photo above shows one of the innovations, the development of camouflage. A group of marines are taking a break in a South Pacific island.

The military unifiorms used by the United States during WWII were divided in three primary categories: Class A, Class B and Class C. The differences between officer and enlisted man uniform were relatively minimal. There were variations to these uniform classes that were used in the South Pacific.


Enlisted Man Four Pocket Tunic Enlisted Man Ike Jacket Officer Four Pocket Tunic


Enlisted Man Officer

The Class C or Khaki uniform was for wear in tropical climates and field duty in hot weather. It used light-weight cloth versions of the trousers and shirt (nicknamed "Chinos") and was worn with a light Olive Drab (OD3) tie. It was worn in North Africa and Italy in the European Theater of Operations and was the Army's standard issue Service Uniform in the Pacific Theater.

Enlisted Man Officer

The following is a series of photos showing some of the different types uniforms employed by the American armed forces during WWII.

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During WWII, in some instances, the dress uniform and the combat uniform were the same. In other cases there were very distinctive characteristics between both uniforms. The idea of the dress uniform was around since the inception of the armed forces. These uniforms were elegant and had the purpose of showing pride of belonging to an organization. The military awards earned were proudly displayed on different parts of the uniform. This section of the website takes a closer look at the military dress uniforms of the United States.

1940 WWII US Army dress tunic. In very good condition. 70th Infantry patch on one sleeve. Retains the original tag. Honorable discharged patch above one top pocket.

1942 WWII US Army dress wool tunic. Four pocket construction. One sleeve has the Pacific Ocean Area patch. The other sleeve shows the 10th Corps patch.

WWII USMC Amphibious Warfare unit dress tunic. Tailor made. High quality construction. This is a dress uniform so it does not have any pockets. Dark blue with red accesnts.

1943 WWII US Army wool dress tunic. Technician 5th grade rank. Four pocket construction. Retains the original tag. Gold color metal buttons bearing US Army eagle in face.

1945 WWII US Army wool field trousers. Two front pockets and two back pockets. Used in combat primarily in the European thater.

1946 US Army Ike dress tunic. Identical in construction to those used during WWII. Retains both original tags. First Army patch on one sleeve. Three award ribbons found above top pocket.

WWII New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI) dress tunic. Gabardine construction with four pockets. Very similar in design and construction to tunics used by the regular military forces. Collar devices and ROTC patch.

1949 US Army Ike dress tunic. Of two pocket construction. Retains all tags. one sleeve has a tank destroyer patch. Officer rank insignia on shoulder.

WWII US Marine Corps (USMC) dark blue wool dress tunic. Seargent rank. Four pocket construction with flaps in each pocket. The collar is very high. Buttons are of gold color and display the Navy eagle.

WWII USMC pilot's green gabardine dress uniform. Tailor made, very high quality construction. Includes a three inch cloth wing in the breast area. The wing is of bullion construction. Four pocket design. includes matching pants. Retains all oriignal tags.

1943 WWII US Navy pilot's dress uniform. Tunic and pants. Black wool construction with a three pocket design. Double breasted. A three inch Navy cloth wings is sewn to the breast area. Bullion construction. A high quality uniform. includes all original tags.

1945 WWII US marine Corps (USMC) green wool dress tunic. Blue ink stamped inside armpit area. Four pocket construction. Black metal buttons bearing the US Navy eagle.

1930 US ARMY UNIFORM - This is a complete set including the pants and jacket. Of gabardine construction. The jacket has a series of insignia which have a very interesting backing. - Coming soon

WWII US ARMY 9th DIVISION IKE JACKET - Of wool construction. Belgium fouragie slung over one shoulder. Multiple ribbons are found over one pocket. This style is known as the Ike jacket.

WWII US ARMY OFFICER CHOCOLATE PANTS - This is a pair of US Army officer's pants. Dark brown color. Cotton blend material. Two front and two rear pockets. Issued during WWII.

WWII US MARINE CORPS SUMMER UNIFORM - This is a tunic and pants. Light color indicates summer use. Metal button are found on the jacket. Both pieces are tailor made.

WWII US MARINE CORPS DRESS TUNIC - of wool construction. green color. Red and green rank stripes are found on the sleeves. 6th Marine Division patch. Buttons are metal and show a large eagle in the facia.

1944 WWII US ARMY AUSTRALIAN MADE IKE JACKET - of wool construction. green color. This is a theater made Ike jacket. manufactured in Australia for the US forces.

1940 WWII US ARMY JACKET - of wool construction. Brown/Green color. This is a four pocket jacket. Manufactured by the Cohen Brothers company.

1941 WWII US ARMY WOOL PANTS - of wool construction. Brown/Green color. Two front pockets and two rear pockets. Manufactured by the Midland Garment company.

1942 WWII US ARMY WOOL TUNIC - of wool construction. Brown/Green color. Four pocket design. Manufactured by the M. WILE and company.


WWII was fought in a large variety of climates. From the deserts of North Africa to the Mountains of Europe. The uniforms that were employed during WWI no loger sufficed to do the job. New materials and designs had to be developed to face the new challenges. This section of the website covers the field uniforms employed by the various military branches of the US.

WWII US Army fatigue shirt. Two pocket construction with a flap covering each pocket. Brown plastic buttons. Long sleeve design.

WWII US Army M-43 field jacket. Of cotton construction. Four pocket design where each pocket has a flap. A draw string is found at the waist. This basic design lives on in today's US military jackets.

WWII US Army HBT Model 1 general purpose coveralls. With four pockets in the front and two pockets in the back. A built-in belt with metal buckle. These uniforms were used by tank crews and other personnel.

WWII US Army Model 3 HBT general purpose coveralls. With three front pockets and one rear covered pocket. Abuilt-in canvis belt with a metal buckle.

1944 US Marine Corps (USMC) HBT field uniform. Tunic and pants are included. The tunic has three pockets, one on top and two in the bottom, neither has a flap. The top pocket has the USMC and EGA stenciled in black ink.

1945 US Army wool field heavy overcoat. Double breasted with large brown plastic buttons that bear the US Army eagle in the front. Rolled collar. Manufactured by the Boodimate company.

WWII US Army M-1943 field jacket. Four pocket construction. OD color with a lighter black, almost khaki, color on the inside. Large brown plastic buttons. Draw string at the waist. Issued to a Japanese American soldier.

WWII US Army HBT field combat tunic. Long sleeve design with two front pockets. Each pocket has a flap that is closed via the use of a button. Black metal 13-star buttons. Typical of WWII design.

WWII US Marine Corps (USMC) Khaki summer shirt. Od cotton construction with two top pockets that have flaps covering them. The flaps and shirt have brown plastic buttons. The Marine's name is stamped inside the shirt.

WWII US Army Khaki summer shirt. Of two pocket construction where the pockets have flaps. Light brown plastic buttons are found on the flaps and the shirt. The flaps have a straight cut.

WWII US Army M-1943 field jacket. Four pocket construction with a draw string at the waist. All pockets have flaps. The outer shell os OD color, the inside is a lighter OD green. Retains the original cloth tag. Brown plastic buttons.

WWII US Marine Corps (USMC) HBT jungle combat pants. Two back pockets without cover. Two front pockets. Flat brass buttons in the fly. Standard belt loops.

WWII US Navy blue wool uniform. - Tunic and bell bottom pants. The tunic has a flap, long sleeve design. Rank patch on sleeve and honorable discharge patch. Blue plastic buttons found in pants and tunic.

WWII US Army Air Force Khaki shirt. - Of cotton construction. Two pocket design with flaps on each pocket. Rank patch on sleeve. Standard US AAF patch as well. brown plastic buttons.

WWII US Marine Corps HBT jungle Shirt With grenade pocket. - Brass buttons with "US marine Corps" around the perimeter. USMC is black ink stenciled on front pocket.

WWII US Army wool shirt. This is the standard shirt. Two pocket construction with each pocket covered by a flap. brownish color with plastic buttons. Many companies produced this shirt so it can be found in many different shades of color.

WWII US ARMY M-1943 FIELD JACKET - This is the standard field jacket. Model M-1943. issued to troops in the European theater. Four pocket design with flaps covering each pocket.

WWII US MARINE CORPS FIELD TUNIC - This is the field tunic issued to marines in the south pacific. Of HBT construction. Three pocket design. An EGA has been stamped on the front pocket. The tunic has black metal buttons.

WWII US MARINE CORPS HBT FIELD TUNIC. - Of Herring Bone Twill construction. Long sleeve design with three pockets, this is the earlier model with a sideways pocket for grenades. Black metal buttons with "US Marines" inscription.

WWII US ARMY WINTER PYLE JACKET This is a WWII US Army Pyle jacket. Issued to US Army troops stationed in cold areas. Of cotton construction with a liner made of a fur material known as pyle.

WWII US ARMY OFFICER DRESS OVERCOAT This is a WWII US Army Short field overcoat. Dress type. of wool construction. Double breasted design. Brown large plastic buttons.

WWII US ARMY AIR FORCE A2 LEATHER JACKET - This is a WWII US Army Air Force A2 Flight Jacket. As issued to pilots and crew members of aircraft. This example is painted showing bombing missions.

1942 WWII US MARINE CORPS OVERCOAT - This is a WWII US Marine Corps wool overcoat. Dated 1942. Heavy duty construction. Large Brown buttons.

WWII US ARMY FIELD JACKET - This is a WWII US Army field jacket. Multiple markings are stamped in the neck area. Cotton construction. Four pocket design.

WWII US ARMY FIELD OVERCOAT - This is a WWII US Army field overcoat. Heavy duty wool construction. Gold metal buttons. Two pocket design.


Camouflaged uniforms were first introduced into combat during World War Two. The German army and SS employed them while fighting in Europe and Russia. The United States employed them in the South Pacific. They were used primarily by the Marines. However, the army had a similar version. Other special uniforms were also developed during the course of the war. Paratrooper operations demanded different uniforms than those available for the regular army forces.

WWII US Army Mountain troops field jacket. OD color cotton construction. Complete with a hood. A Talon zipper is provided to close the front. The back has a built0-in backpack. A suspender system provides support for the backpack. Very hard to find.

WWII US Marine Corps (USMC) camouflage pants. This is the first set of camo clothing available for the US armed forces. Green plastic buttons. Two front pockets and two back pockets. Draw strings on the bottom of the legs.

WWII US Army HBT camouflaged pattern tunic. Two large pockets in the front. Each pocket has a square flap covering it. Long sleeve construction. Brown plastic buttons. This is the first pattern of camo used by the US Army.

WWII US Marine Corps camouflaged jungle tunic. Reversible with green camo on one side and brown camo on the other. Grenade pocket accessible from the side. Black metal buttons with "US Marine Corps" written around the perimeter. Two buttons close the long sleeves.

WWII US Army winter parka. As issued to mountain troops fighting in the European theater. White fur on the outside. The cuffs are elastic and OD green. the inside of the parka is lined with wool. Comes with several large white buttons.

WWII US Army paratrooper jump jacket. Khaki color and cotton construction. Two slanted top pockets and two lower pockets. Each pocket has two snaps for closure. Complete with the cloth belt. Side pocket included to hold the switchbalde.

WWII US Marine Corps (USMC) camouflaged pants. Black flat metal buttons for the fly. The waist has several bronze gromets around the waist. The camouflage is reversible. Draw strings on the legs.

WWII US Army winter parka. Cotton construction. OD color. Furr collar which converts into a hood. Built-in canvis belt with a balck metal buckle. Large brown buttons.

WWII US Army pyke winter jacket. Green elastic collar. Single pocket construction. Large brown plastic buttons. The cuffs are of elastic material as well. Jacket is lined with pyle. Retains the original tag.

WWII US Army extreme cold weather field jacket. Two pocket construction. Fur lined hood that splits in half to make the collar. Draw string at the hood. Draw string at the waist area.

WWII THEATER MADE DARK BLUE WOOL NAVY SHIRT - This is a US Navy shirt made in China towards the very end of the war. Large dragon stitched in the back. - Coming soon

WWII US ARMY FIELD PARKA - This is a US Army extreme cold weather parka. The exterior is covered in fur. The parka has a hood for extra protection.


Military aviation was born in World War One. However, the concept and technology did not fully bloom until World War Two. The United Stated Army Air Force had to develop a new set of uniforms that were better suited for the demands of operating and working in an aircraft. many of these outfits had multiple pockets and ranged from being very well insulated, primarily for the European theater, to light duty construction for tropical climates.

WWII Army Air Force (AAF) summer flight suit. Light green color. Zipper closes the front. Comes with a cloth belt. Pockets found on the legs.

WWII US Navy AL-1 flight suit. Heavy duty construction. Heavily insulated wit fur. The collar is also covered with brown fur. Retanis the original black and gold tag. Two pockets are found at the bottom of the legs.

WWII Army Air Force (AAF) AN-65 flight suit. Two pocket construction with a zipper that closes the front. Pockets have a flap and brown plastic buttons. A leather strap is attached to the zipper for ease of grip. Two pockets are also found at the bottom of the legs.

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