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The Japanese armed forces employed several types of military swords.

This section of the website provides the militaria enthusiast with information to be able to identify items and determine their worth in today's collectibles market. This information is provided free of charge by MilitaryItems.com , a company dedicated to providing military antiques and collectibles.

WWII JAPANESE POLICE SWORD - . Early wooden handle with loosend wire wrapping.

JAPANESE WWII POLICE SWORD - . This is an early WWII example. Chrysanthemum flower applied to the handle.

JAPANESE WWII ARTILLERY SWORD - . Wooden handle with a metal checkered back. Battlefield example with the blade showing pitting towards the tip.

WWII JAPANESE ARMY OFFICER'S SWORD - . This is a higher quality construction with a beautiful flower design displayed on the back of the handle.

This is a Japanese WWII Army Qyu Gunto sword. Beautiful construction with a hinged crossguard on one side.

This is a Japanese WWI Army officer's sword. Very similar construction to those used during WWII.

WWII JAPANESE NAVAL OFFICER SWORD - Beautifully constructed high quality dress sword. Locking mechanism on cross guard.

Japanese WWII Army Officer Sword As used by the Imperial Japanese Army. Early war version.

Japanese WWII Naval Dagger. This is a WWII Japanese naval dagger. Brown scabbard.

Japanese WWII Naval Dagger. This is the standard version. Double suspension ring. Machine made blade.

Japanese WWII Naval Dagger. Machine made blade. Plastic handle ressenbles shark/manta ray skin. Black leather handle.

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