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The Japanese weapons of WWII. From advanced to primitive.

In general, the weapons employed by the Japanese in WWII, were of lesser quality than those used by Allied forces. However, the Japanese were not a force easy to beat. Take a comprehensive tour of the weapons used by the Japanese armed forces.

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The Japanese Samurai. The last modern nation to take a sword into battle!

Think about this. You are facing a Colt .45 pistol and M-1 Garand rifle. Your weapon, a Samurai sword. It happened!

Learn more about the history of this venerable sword. Its construction, basic translation of signature and the highly skilled sword smith who made them.

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Samurai sword

The Japanese Army Air Force. From its humble beginings to the ruler of the South Pacific.

The Japanese army began experimenting with airplaned in 1911. It laid out the foundation of its air branch under the guidance of French military aviation instructors in 1919. In that year an aviation section was created in the War Ministry. The first military aviation school was opened at Tokorozawa in 1920 and two years later, schools were established at Shimoshizu and Akenogahara. Learn more about the Japanese air force.

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