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The German armed forces, political parties and police force had some of the most intricatly designed uniforms of WWII. The use of interesting materials and overall design have made these items highly collectible. No other nation has had the level of variety and design than that used by the Third Reich.

The following information will help the collector understand the various types of uniforms employed. It identifies the uniforms and provides the value of the collectibles over a period of multiple years.

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WWII GERMAN ARMY PANZER COMBAT TUNIC - Green wool construction with the arrmy eagle on the breast. The tunic has the pink shoulder boards to indicate Panzer.

WWII GERMAN ARMY INFANTRY DRESS TUNIC - Beautifully constructed dress tunic. Officer grade. Bullion breast eagle. A shhoting lanyard is included. Black wound badge.

WWII GERMAN ARMY/LUFTWAFFE PARATROOPER JUMP SMOCK - Of cotton construction. Camouflage pattern. Multiple pockets are found at an angle. Built-in pistol holster.

WWII GERMAN HITLER YOUTH SHIRT - Brown color. Made of a very soft material. All the buttons are present. Complete with the armband, belt, buckle and leather shoulder strap.

WWII KRIEGSMARINE WORKER UNIFORM - Of cotton construction. All exterior buttons are made of glass. A series of inner butons are made of cardboard. Four pocket design.

WWII GERMAN ARMY ARTILLERY TUNIC - Officer grade with bullion breast eagle. All the buttons are present. Red collar tabs. Frebnch cuff style.

WWII GERMAN NSDAP BLOCK LEADER TUNIC - This is a political tunic. Issued to a block leader of the Nazi party. Blue striped collar tabs. Golden metal buttons bearing the political eagle.

WWII GERMAN ARMY DAK TUNIC - Of heavy duty cotton construction. Four pocket design with a flap over every pocket. An army eagle is placed atop one of the pockets. Issued to members of the Afirka Korps.

WWII GERMAN NAVY WORKER SMOCK - This is a basic cotton tunic issued to workers in the Navy. Three pocket construction where every pocket is open. The buttons are metal and have markings on back.

WWII GERMAN LUFTWAFFE SPORTS SHIRT - Sports played a key role in every aspect of the German life. This is a white cotton T-shirt with a large patch front and center. The eagle is housed inside a triangular shape.

WWII GERMAN LUFTWAFFE ARTILLERY TUNIC - Of blue wool construction. The pockets of this uniform have been sewn shut. They are not functional at all. The shoulder boards were cut off.

WWII GERMAN LUFTWAFFE ARTILLERY TUNIC - Of dark blue wool construction. Early droop tail Luftwaffe chest eagle. The jacket has an Iron Cross cloth section sewn to one side. The shoulder boards are present.

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