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The Japanese military employed a wide variety of uniforms during World War Two. This section of the website covers footwear, pants, jackets, hats and helmets of the Japanese armed forces.

This guide provides information so that the visitor can identify items and determine their value.

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Japanese WW2 Army officer's dress hat. Olive drab main body with a center red stripe. A metal star is found in the front. Black leather visor.

Japanese WWII Civil defense helmet. Metal outer shell with a three rivet pattern on the side. The inside has white paint markings. Two rings are placed on the side to hold the chin strap. Complete with cloth liner.

WWII Japanese infantry officer's hat. Olive drab body with red piping and mid-stripe. Five point metal star located in the front. Black leather chin strap and visor.

Japanese WW2 Army tropical sun helmet. Of cotton construction with a cardboard frame. Very light weight design. OD color with a yellow cloth star in front. Complete with liner. Multiple ink stamps inside.

WWII Japanese Civil Defense helmet. Of metal construction with a cloth liner. Light weight design. OD color with a red circle that has a letter "A" painted in white.

WWII Japanese Army Field Hat. Of wool metal construction with a yellow star.

Japanese WWII combat helmet. As used by the Imperial Japanese Army. A metal star is afficed to the front. The liner consists of three leather pads. A cloth chin strap is provided.

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