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The Montagnards During The Vietnam War -
The Montagnards or "Mountain People" were natives who lived in the mountains of Vietnam. During the war, the US recruited them and organized them to assist in the fight against the Viet-Cong.

This section of the website showcases a group of rare pictures taken during the early days of the war. The photographs depict early construction of fortifications, training formations, perimeter security and other related activities. All of the training was conducted by US Special Forces Advisors.

The Montagnards in a defensive position. Notice that most of the weapons they are using are German WWII vintage. It was a common occurrance to re-issue WWII equipment during the early days of the war.

A group of Montagnards are lining up for inspection. The soldier towards the front is wearing an early version of Duck Hunter camouflage shirt. He also has an M-1 carbine rifle. Other participants are holding WWII German submachine guns.

A group of Montagnards ready to go out on patrol. Large walls and gates are built from bamboo. Notice the lightly equipped personnel. Only the basic equipment was carried. They also lack uniforms. they are dressed as civilians.

Montagnards behind the wall are defending the perimeter fence. The perimeter of the encampment was surrounded by a wooden fence with a series of defensive trenches.

Additional photos can be seen in the following sections:

  1. The Montagnards
  2. The hamlet
  3. The people

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