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Montagnards During The Vietnam War - Hamlet -
The Montagnards, also known as the "Mountain People", lived in the highlands of Vietnam. They provided intelligence and personnel to the American Special Forces. Because of that, their villages had to be secured to prevent reprisals from the Viet-Cong.

The following photos show a Montagnard village defensive perimeter. The photos were taken earlier in the war (around 1960).

The road leads into the village. Notice the fence has several sharpened stakes pointing in the direction from where an attack could come. A lookout tower can be seen on the background.

This is another view of the perimeter defense. A series of wooden squares are placed on the floor. The purpose of these items is not known for certain. Closer inspection reveals a series of small, sharp sticks coming out from them. Perhaps they are a series of booby traps.

This is another view of the perimeter. The same defensive strategy is used with the series of stakes pointing outwardly. Two trenches can be seen inside the perimeter. More than likely a secondary defensive perimeter.

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