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This section covers field gear employed to carry ammunition in the battlefield. All items covered here are manufactured of different materials such as wood, canvis, etc. Much of this gear was sold in surplus and sporting goods stores after the war. Therefore facilitating its destruction from normal wear. Alot of it was also re-issued during the Korean and Vietnam wars. The following information allows the visitor to identify and determine the value of this type of military collectible.

WWII US CARLISLE KIT - consistng of a metal enclosure which opens by rolling a key along the side. The contents consist of a first aid bandage.

WWII US MEDICAL BANDAGE - This is a military first aid bandage. Issued in a black paper container which has been weatherized.

WWII US MEDICAL BANDAGE - This is an example of a military first aid bandage. Issued in a waxed paper enclosure. Instructions are printed in the front.

WWII US BRITISH MADE FIRST AID POUCH - During the war there were several countries that produced military gear for the United States. This is an example of a pouch manufactured by the British.

WWII US ARMY FIELD MADE MEDIC BAG - - This is a rifle cleaning kit carrier that has been modified to be a medic pouch. Similar modifications were common for purposes other than medical.

1940 WWII US CARLISLE POUCH - This is an early version of the Carlisle pouch. Of canvis construction. The black ink "US" stamped on front has a font different to those found in later versions.

WWII US GLASS SYRINGE IN WOODEN CASE - This is a glass syringe and plunger. Complete with the wooden issue box. Special metal clamps secure the items in place tightly.

WWII US - This is a BLANK.

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